Summer Info and Activities

Every summer, this campus is open and buzzing with different activities. There's likely to be something for everyone in the various activities and programs going on here. They're not all run by the school, but they might represent a wonderful opportunity for our CCA community to interact with the other ministries of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale.

Calvary Summer Camp

Our ten-week adventurous summer camp experience includes fun-filled indoor activities, faith-filled devotional time and Bible teaching, and up to three field trips per week! Summer camp will be available every week during the summer.

CCA Robotics Camps

Building! Coding! Competing! Robotics Camp is an opportunity for students to engineer robots, and then code them in order to compete with peers. Each session is different and the students will be exposed to different types of Robotics systems.


Stem Camp is two-session interactive experience in which students will interface with science, technology, engineering, and math. Both sessions are different. Students will enjoy drones, marine exploration, dissections, chemical reactions, simple and complex machines, interactive science, rockets, gross anatomy, experiments, and builds of many types!

CCA Athletics Summer Sports Camps

CCA Athletics offers a variety of week-long sports camps, including football, basketball, volleyball, soccer and cheerleading for teens, as well as a "funomental" camp for the younger ones. There's bound to be something for everyone.

Mull & Fred Band camp 
June 5 - June 16

Who should take the camp:
•Beginners with no prior musical knowledge
•1st year students who want to further their ability
•Students who wish to play another instrument
•Students who want extra help with 
Florida All State audition material
•Advanced students who wish to get help with college auditions.

Youth Encounter South Florida | 6th-12th GradE | July 27-29

Youth Encounter is a three-day experience that includes main sessions, breakouts, worship by Bellarive, activities, food trucks, and more!