COVID-19 may have changed our world.
But it didn’t change our mission.
“We will keep our eyes fixed on Jesus as we plan to reopen our campus for the 2020-21 school year. He has shown Himself faithful in the past, so we are confident that He will continue to direct and provide for us so we can continue making disciples.”

—Dr. Jason Rachels, Head of School


How We Got Here

Remembering God’s Goodness.

On March 23, 2020, Calvary Christian Academy and Calvary Christian Academy Hollywood students in Pre-K—12th grade, along with their parents, began their distance learning journey online, which took place primarily on Google Meets and the school’s internal platform MyCCA.

Some of the program’s key highlights included:

• Live, synchronous classes
• Digital resources from the CCA library
• Pre-recorded, asynchronous learning • Ongoing technical support
• Ongoing access to teachers, counselors, and administrators • Attendance expectations
• Chapel and small group opportunities • Testing and integrity standards
• Academic support • Socially distanced celebrations and events

“Thank you CCA teachers for your time and dedication. You are the best. Even through this hard time you have been there for our kids. God bless you always. 🙏🙂 —Karen

Although it was an adjustment for all, the CCA community rose to the challenge and persevered, relying on the Lord’s strength, guidance, and wisdom.

CCA’s faculty and staff worked around the clock to not only prioritize students’ academic growth in this new virtual format, but their spiritual and social growth as well. Maintaining excellence and making disciples and leaders for Jesus Christ remained the goal at hand.

“We only made the decision for our daughter to attend CCA a year and half ago, and I wish we would have known before then how amazing CCA is, so that she could have attended longer. What an amazing school this is.” —Jacomina

Moreover, our families were surrounded by a supportive, Christ-centered community of teachers and friends to help carry them through this season.

In fact, between the generosity of donors who gave match money and our community that rose up to meet those matches, we raised a total of $41,805 for Giving Tuesday Now to support CCA families in need of tuition assistance due to COVID-19. Praise God!

Now we look ahead to the 2020–21 school year with anticipation, seeking God's wisdom and guidance along the way.