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The plans that have been decided upon for each school division — pre-K, elementary, middle, and high school — will give parents the option to have their child attend school on-campus or learn from home for a period of time through our mobile learning program. This remote learning will be made possible by high-definition cameras that will be installed in each classroom, which will allow lessons to be live streamed in real-time and recorded for future access.

Our ultimate desire is for families to feel confident and comfortable with the educational delivery method that serves them best during this unique time.

We have taken every precaution to ensure that our students and staff who are learning and working on campus are doing so in a safe and secure environment. The various safeguards and protocols that have been implemented will allow CCA to continue carrying out its mission of training students to honor Jesus Christ in all that they do.

2020-21 Division Plans

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On Campus:
Keeping Our Community Safe

Our plan for the fall is to open as normal. That normal will include more cleaning and sanitizing, extra precautions from our food service provider, and ongoing monitoring, strategic containment, and contingency plans. We have also prepared multiple academic models for maximum flexibility, including a potential online option. But, our mission will remain the same — educate tomorrow's leaders for Christ! Click on each category to learn more.

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  • Health Protocols

    Staff and students will have their temperatures taken upon campus arrival. Those who present with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher or COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home to self-isolate, recover, and recuperate.

    Upon arrival, visitors who are critical to school operations will have their temperature taken, complete screening questions, and sign a waiver.

    Students who develop COVID-19 symptoms during the day will be isolated until a parent arrives.

    New handwashing stations will be installed close to the playgrounds. Staff and students will be prompted to clean their hands throughout the day. Hand sanitizer will be located throughout the campus and students and employees will clean hands multiple times throughout the day.
  • Social Distancing

    Arrival and dismissal will be modified to maintain social distancing.

    In our efforts to minimize possible transmission, on-campus visitors will be limited to those who are critical to school operations. Parents will be encouraged to use the carline for student arrival and dismissal.

    Class sizes may be varied.

    Classroom furniture will be organized in a manner that will allow students to maintain proper social distancing as they learn.

    Locker usage will be restricted until it’s determined to be safe.

    Large volume spaces may be repurposed as learning spaces.

    Foot traffic in the hallways and between classrooms and buildings will be adjusted.

    Campus signage will be used to encourage proper social distancing.

    Lunch may be eaten in classrooms and outdoor spaces. Single-use containers and utensils will replace silverware and trays.

    Meetings, events, assemblies, and performances may be adjusted and hosted in various formats.

    Athletics will follow FHSAA guidelines and government and public health regulations.
  • Campus Disinfection

    Arrival and dismissals will be modified to maintain social distancing.

    We have added hand sanitizer stations in every classroom, all entrances, and most common areas

    High touch point areas (door handles, desks, etc.) are scheduled for more frequent disinfecting throughout the day.

    Two electrostatic handheld machines are in use, and eight pump sprayers using hospital grade disinfectant are being used to disinfect large areas

    We are continuing to monitor CDC, OSHA, and EPA regulations and recommendations.

    Custodian staff will conduct deep cleaning of the campuses after dismissal.

    Touchless faucets, soap dispensers, and towel dispensers will be installed at strategic locations throughout the campus.

    Additional signage will be in place promoting everyday protective measures.

  • Personal Accountability

    Student handbooks provide guidelines for parents regarding sick children and staying home. We will continue to ask parents to monitor their children’s health and make decisions about school attendance, accordingly.

    At this time, faculty and staff who are working on campus are wearing face protection. As we get closer to the start of the school year, we will evaluate recommendations and guidelines for students.

    Training and processes will be in place for self -monitoring, self-reporting, and self-isolation.

2020-21 Division Plans

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