Secondary School Plan

After prayerful consideration and taking local COVID-19 case trends into account, CCA will now be operating under an all-school Scenario 1, which means all students from Pre-K through 12th grade will have the opportunity to learn in their regularly scheduled classrooms Monday through Friday. This change primarily affects secondary school students in middle and high school who will no longer be following an alternating-day hybrid schedule.

Full-time mobile learning will continue to remain an option for families for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year. The high-definition cameras that were installed in each classroom have made it possible for students to learn from home or another offsite location while engaging with their on-campus teachers and peers.

Those who are on campus can expect to see the same prudent protocols we have been observing since August such as:

  • Temperature checks (with wristband verification)
  • Face covering requirements
  • Social distancing when possible
  • Frequent and thorough disinfection of high-touch surfaces by our Facilities team and staff before, during, and after school hours

Detailed below are the on-campus procedures that secondary families should be mindful of moving forward. A few significant changes have been made as a result of our transition to an all-school Scenario 1.

“Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.” —John 14:1 (NLT)

“We are making a significant, informed, and strategic financial investment in facilities, equipment, personnel, and training to further safeguard our school.” —Dr. Rachels

Scenario 1 Specifics
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  • Arrival and Drop-off Procedures

    Please complete a “Daily Home Symptom Screening for Parents” each morning before your child(ren) arrives on campus.

    An updated arrival traffic flow pattern has been established to better facilitate traffic flow and safety procedures for ID Badge scanning, temperature scans, and face covering checks.

    Students are to scan their ID badges at the West Gate, East Gate, or South Gate. Face coverings and temperature checks will then be conducted prior to students entering the building. Students with a fever of 100.4 or higher are not permitted to enter the buildings and will need to leave directly with their parent/guardian or wait in an isolation room in the CCA Clinic until a parent/guardian arrives to pick them up.

    Students riding buses must wear a face covering and maintain social distancing. Students are expected to observe social distancing standards as they travel to their assigned class wearing their face coverings and refrain from congregating in groups at all times while on campus.

  • Chapels and Small Groups

    Chapels and Small Groups will be conducted each Monday. Chapel is scheduled in the middle of the day, and students (high school and middle school separately) participate together as one community. With group gatherings like chapel, there is a use of multiple entrances/exits in and out of venues, and social distancing is followed as it relates to spacing and seating.

    Additionally, 7th-12th grade students will participate in their small groups either before or after chapel; this time will coincide with lunch. As such, students are encouraged to bring their lunches on Monday, yet for those who desire to purchase on Mondays, food service will operate via a pre-ordering process. Sixth grade students will have an extended lunch on Mondays.

  • Classroom Structure

    Students have the option of wearing their personal face covering or a face shield in the classroom environment. Each classroom will be outfitted with a high-definition camera and monitor that will give the students who opt into mobile learning the opportunity to engage with their teacher and peers in the live lesson.

  • Dismissal Procedures

    For the safety and security of the community, students are expected to promptly proceed to a vehicle and leave the campus, or transition to a designated supervised after-school activity location where they sign-in to note their attendance. Being on campus in locations that are unsupervised — such as hallways, seating areas, the parking lot, etc. — is not permitted. Students who are not picked up directly after school should report to the Cafeteria until their parents arrive.

  • Extracurricular Activities and Clubs

    Because extracurricular involvement plays a key role in our students’ social development and overall school experience, our desire is to offer these opportunities. However, due to the circumstances surrounding this season, there will be limited choices with students gathering on campus after school.

    When participants cannot experience an activity in person, efforts will be made to accommodate mobile learners by giving them the opportunity to tune in remotely. 
    To read the latest update from Calvary Athletics regarding sports, please click here.

    Some Fine Arts productions will be able to take place. As the time draws closer, necessary plans and adjustments will be made to determine what is permissible and how to best approach the preparation and performance of the individual production.

List of 5 items.

  • Face Covering Requirements

    Secondary students are required to wear a cloth face covering that fully covers the nose and mouth at all times while on campus. Coverings must be appropriate in appearance and messaging; bandanas and coverings with valves are not permitted.

    However, when students are seated in class and are able to adequately socially distance from others, they have the opportunity to wear a face shield that extends from ear to ear and forehead to shoulders. Face shields affixed to caps/hats can be worn so long as the cap/hat is appropriate in appearance and messaging.

    Face coverings will be available for purchase at Secondary Reception in the event a student misplaces his/hers.

  • Health Screening and Procedures

    To further ensure the safety of our students and staff, we are asking parents to complete a daily symptom screening each morning before they send their child(ren) to school. Click here to view the screening checklist and to read about what steps should be taken for students exhibiting symptoms.
    CCA has also instituted an on-campus protocol in the event a student or staff member becomes ill while on campus or tests positive for COVID-19. Learn more about that response by clicking here.
  • Indoor Operations

    Designated walking traffic patterns will be developed and marked for both one and two-way traffic in hallways and stairwells. Specific directions will be given for entrance and exit of the school buildings to allow for proper social distancing.

    All students will be required to wear their cloth face covering when moving around campus.

    To aid in hallway traffic flow and allow for better social distancing, lockers will not be used during the 2020-21 school year. As a result, student materials will be kept in backpacks. Additionally, rolling backpacks will be allowed until the point when lockers are able to be utilized again. Whenever available, digital textbooks and materials will be the main approach to curriculum access and use.

  • Lunch Procedures

    With more students on campus, following safety protocols during lunch is of the utmost importance. As previously, students are to wear cloth face coverings up until they begin to consume their food and drink, as well as immediately after finishing their meal. All lunch areas will continue to be sanitized thoroughly in between the two lunch periods.

    • High School Students:
      • Lunch is available for pre-and short-order purchase
      • Locations for lunch are The Grill, the back room of the Grill, the Commons, the Theatre Lounge, the Hub, outdoor picnic tables, and classrooms in the occurrence of rain
      • The Hub will not be open on Mondays due to chapel and small groups. Students may purchase lunch using the pre-order system and pick up their food in the Commons, or purchase salads or wraps at the Barista.

    • Middle School Students:
      • Lunch continues to be available for purchase in the Cafeteria
  • Secondary Schedule

    The Secondary School schedule is a seven-class per day rotating schedule. Middle and High School students will attend each of their eight courses four times per week, with high school and middle school chapels and small groups happening on separate days weekly.

    Although specific classes will meet at different times each day they are scheduled, this new schedule will continue to accommodate two separate lunch periods. Additionally, students will have a 50-minute study hall each Friday where they will have the opportunity to complete assignments before the weekend.

    In place of small groups, sixth grade students will enjoy an Academic and Spiritual Enrichment block, which will include reading and math labs, social and emotional wellness curriculum, and discipleship initiatives.

Our primary goal moving forward.

We will continue to monitor government and health guidelines and mandates for the remainder of the school year and communicate any changes with you. Our primary goal is for you to send your child to school with confidence knowing that they are happy and safe while being provided an excellent, enriching, and developmentally appropriate educational experience.

We look forward to continuing to serve your family in 2021-22!