• Mobile Learning
    Students can participate in live classes from alternate locations, either supervised on-campus locations or offsite (from home or another location). The use of high-definition cameras and monitors in the classroom will allow students to engage in the live lesson as if they were physically present. Mobile learning will be available in the event Scenario 1 or Scenario 2 become a reality.

  • On-site Mobile Learning Locations (OMLLs)
    Designated spaces on CCA’s property where a staff member will supervise students while they view synchronous, real-time lessons being taught by their teacher (through the cameras set up in their classrooms) or while they work on asynchronous work that they can complete. These spaces will be available in the event Scenario 2 becomes a reality and are a great option for parents who have to work or require childcare during the week.

  • Distance Learning
    What took place March-May 2020 at CCA. We will be maximizing the use of platforms like MyCCA and new technology (like high-definition cameras and monitors) to add continuity and improvements to the student experience. Distance learning will take place solely offsite (from home or another location). CCA’s campus would be closed during distance learning.

  • Synchronous Learning
    Remote learning that happens in real-time, in which students and teachers engage with one another through a web-based platform like MyCCA and Google Meet.

  • Asynchronous Learning
    Remote learning that utilizes a web-based platform like MyCCA and Google Meet but does not involve real-time instruction with teachers and classmates.