Sports Performance

The goal of the performance team is to prepare CCA student athletes to compete at the varsity level.

The CCA Sports Performance Team within the CCA Athletics department is not just a strength and conditioning department, but consists of professional strength coaches, athletic trainers, sports medicine specialists, sports nutritionists, and the best equipment available, in a state of the art training/weight room facility.

The Sports Performance Team will create the "best practices" for developing student athletes as they advance from Middle School, to JV, to Varsity competition. 

Our plan is to bring Jesus all the glory, through increasing the student athlete performance level by working with head coaches in all aspects of movement, resistance, flexibility, speed, strength, conditioning, and injury prevention.


Weight room HOURS

Monday: 6:15–7:45am and 3:15–5:45pm
Tuesday: 3:15–5:45pm
Wednesday: 6:15–7:45am and 3:15–5:00pm
Thursday: 3:15–5:45pm
Friday: 6:15–7:45am and 3:15–5:45pm 

(M- F, starting June 1)

8am - 10am   football only
10am - 1pm    all other teams
11am - 12pm   collegiate sport training/open
11:30am-1pm  CCA alumni

We now have a summer special for those who can't make the summer workout hours with the following gyms. Tell them you're a CCA Eagle to get the special:

Margate Barbell, $40 mo./unlimited lifting; contact Ryan 954-254-9086

HEW Coral Springs $89 mo./5 weeks;       contact Christy 754-222-2725




Craig Lawson
Amy Lawson  
Jake Sorg  
Rob Harley 


Dress Code

BOYS: Shirts must be worn at all times
GIRLS: Shorts must be worn over Spandex   


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