11th Grade Guidance

Cliff Mack (A-K)
Phone: 954-905-5107 
Email: cliffm@ccaeagles.org
Rachel Go (L–Z)
Phone: 954-905-5161
Email: rachelg@ccaeagles.org

Junior Conferences Are Happening Now

And here’s what you can do to prepare:

Parents, please email your guidance counselor with three possible conference times — which will be 30 minute sessions — and they will confirm the appointment. Also, please keep in mind your student’s class schedules, given appointments are only during study hall, electives, lunchtime and at 3 p.m.

Be sure to contact your counselor right away!

Junior Questionnaire

Students, please complete the questionnaire» by Friday, October 31.

Fall of  Your Junior Year:

  • Prayerfully start making a list of colleges and universities you may be interested in attending. If you have not already done so, begin to research post-secondary schools and programs that will meet your educational needs. Refer to your Accepted! book pages 14–38. Consider what careers you may want to pursue, and discover what path you will need to follow to reach your goals.
  • Attend the Florida Christian College Fair. For more information, visit the Guidance Events page.
  • Prepare for the PSAT: Refer to the Official Student Guide to the PSAT handed out in your English class.
  • Take the PSAT at CCA. All 11th grade students will be provided with the exam. The PSAT in your junior year is the ONLY test that qualifies you to become a National Merit Scholar. Be prepared!
  • Engage in SAT and ACT prep. If you have not already done so, enroll in an SAT or ACT prep class, purchase a test prep book, or utilize online resources for practice tests and other preparation. The more you practice for these tests, the more comfortable and prepared you will be when you take them in the Spring.
  • Attend the College Planning Workshop. Check the Guidance Events page for more information. This is a MUST! Valuable information will be covered on this night that you will not otherwise receive.
  • Schedule a Junior Conference with your guidance counselor by contacting the Guidance administrative assistant, Mrs. Vargas. We encourage parents and students to attend the meeting together. However, if parents are unable to attend, students can set up a Junior Conference at a time that is convenient for them.
  • Check the guidance section of the CCA website for college representatives who visit our school. Sign up for visits with Mrs. Vargas.
  • Grades are especially important in the junior year! 
  • It is essential to visit colleges your junior year. Bring your Accepted! book on campus visits. Refer to pages 14–38.
  • Register to take the SAT and the ACT. A detailed explanation of how best to approach the SAT and ACT will be addressed at the College Planning Workshop.
  • If you are an athlete, you need to register with the NCAA and NAIA clearinghouses. Then, after you have finished the sport your junior year, you can begin the recruiting process. Make sure you have spoken with Mr. Ridenour, our athletics director, about your intentions.
  • If you are a musician, thespian or visual artist, contact your colleges and make sure you know the requirements and deadlines for portfolios, auditions tapes, and audition opportunities in your local area.

Spring of Your Junior Year:

  • Attend the National Christian College Fair. For more information, visit the Guidance Events page.
  • Take both the SAT and ACT exams: Please note that CCA is a test site for both exams.
  • Take the AP exams offered for your respective AP courses. The exams will be scheduled on specific dates according to the Collegeboard calendar.
  • Attend the Rising Senior Information Session. For more information, visit the Guidance Events page.
  • Request chosen teachers and/or guidance counselor to fill out the CCA recommendation form.
  • Choose your senior year courses wisely. It is extremely important that you maintain a challenging schedule if you plan to attend a competitive college.