12th Grade Guidance

Cliff Mack (A–K)
Phone: 954-905-5107
Email: cliffm@ccaeagles.org
  Rachel Go (L–Z)
Phone: 954-905-5161
Email: rachelg@ccaeagles.org

CCA Senior College Timeline:

Summer Before 12th Grade:
  • Begin college applications
  • Explore college admissions web pages
  • Visit college campuses
  • Re-take SAT or ACT
  • Send SAT or ACT scores to CCA and colleges you are applying for
Fall of 12th Grade: 
  • Attend the Florida Christian College Fair
  • Attend the College Planning Workshop
  • Complete transcript request forms for college applications.
 October 1st of 12th Grade:
  • Complete letter of recommendation forms
  • Complete college applications
 December of 12th Grade:
  • Complete mid-year reports
  • Follow up on college applications
  • Register for FAFSA (January 1st)
 Spring of 12th Grade:
 Before Graduation:
  • Notify your Guidance Counselor of your final college decision
  • Complete the College Data Form for final transcript request
  • Complete transcript request forms for any DE courses
 After Graduation: 
  •  Submit AP scores to your college