9th Grade Guidance

Counselor: Jonathan Giles
Phone: 954-905-5125
Email: jonathang@ccaeagles.org

Fall of Your Freshman Year

  • Take a strong course load and do your best to make good grades. One day a college admissions officer will actually look at your transcript (your grades) and make a decision on your work ethic based on your grades, focusing initially on 9th – 11th grade. (Plus, the better grades you have, the more upper level courses you will be eligible for in the future.)
  • Meet with your guidance counselor! They are your advocate and will help set you up for success in high school.
  • Check the Guidance Events page for college visits and sign up for an upcoming visit with Mrs. Vargas
  • Attend the Florida Christian College Fair at CCA.
  • Prepare for the PSAT: Refer to the Official Student Guide to the PSAT which will be handed out in your English class, the Test Prep page, and pages 3 and 4 of Accepted! A College Planning Workbook. Also go to collegeboard.com to practice critical reading, math, and writing skills questions.
  • Take the PSAT in class. Check the Guidance Events page for more information.
  • Start getting some community service hours, keeping in mind that in-depth involvement is best. While four or five hours here and there are better than nothing, look for volunteer activities where you want to make a long-term commitment, preferably to gain experience in an area you think you might be interested in pursuing as a career. For instance, perhaps you can volunteer at a hospital if you plan on pursuing a medical career. Keep in mind, 30 hours are required each year for a total of 120 hours for graduation. If you need community service ideas, check out the Community Service page or www.volunteens.com

Spring of Your Freshman Year

  • Continue to work hard on your grades. Preparation today will avoid last minute panic. If you find that you are struggling in any of your classes, please first ask your teacher for help. If that is not enough, see your guidance counselor for information on tutoring.
  • Continue your activities and community service work.
  • Attend the National Christian College Fair at CCA.
  • Take the EXLPORE in class. For more information on this pre-ACT, see page 5 of Accepted! A College Planning Workbook.
  • Pray about taking a summer enhancement program at a local college. Almost every college in the country offers some type of program for high school students. This is a great way to get on campus and investigate colleges. 
  • It is extremely important that you initiate/maintain a challenging schedule if you plan to attend a competitive college. Choose your 10th grade courses wisely.