College Scholarships

Scholarship Dos and Don'ts

Protecting Yourself From Scholarship Scams

  • If you must pay money to get money, it might be a scam
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is
  • Spend the time, not the money
  • Never invest more than one postage stamp to get information about scholarships
  • Nobody can guarantee that you will win a scholarship
  • Legitimate scholarship foundations do not charge scholarship fees
  • If you’re suspicious of an offer, it is usually with good reason

Warning Signs of a Scholarship Scam

  • Application Fees: Be wary of any “scholarship” that requests an application fee, even a fee as low as $2.
  • Loan Fees: Be wary if you have to pay a fee in advance of obtaining an educational loan. Legitimate loans never require an up-front fee when you submit the application
  • Guaranteed Winnings: No legitimate scholarship sponsor will guarantee that you’ll win an award. No scholarship matching services can guarantee that you will win an award either
  • Everybody is Eligible: NO scholarship sponsor hands out money to students simply for breathing; all scholarship sponsors are looking for candidates who best match certain criteria
  • We Apply on Your Behalf: To win a scholarship, you must submit your own application.
  • Claims of Influence with Scholarship Sponsors: Scholarship matching services do not have any control the awarding of scholarships by third parties
  • Excessive Hype: If a brochure uses a lot of hyperbole (“free money”, “guaranteed”, “first-come, first-served”) be careful, Also be wary of terms such as: “invitation number”, “immediate confirmation”.
  • NO Telephone Number: Most legitimate scholarship programs include a telephone number for inquiries with their application materialsMasquerading as a Federal Agency: If you receive an offer from an organization with an official sounding name, check whether there really is a federal agency with that name.
  • Time Pressure: If you must respond quickly and won’t hear results for several months, it may be a scam

Scholarship Listings

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria Required Major Award Deadline
Handy Scholarship Senior who received services from the Department of Children and Families or the Guardian Ad Litem Program aka Foster Care. Plan to enroll full time in a college, university or vocational school. Minimum 2.0 GPA. Two letters of recommendation. Transcripts. Essay. N/A Full Tuition No Deadline
Southern Scholarship Foundation Seniors with significant financial need. This scholarship provides low-cost ando/or rent-free housing at the following universities: FSU, FAMU, UF, FGCU, Tallahassee Community and Santa Fe Community Colleges. Apply as early as possible but applications taken year-round. N/A Rent-free Housing No Deadline
Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation Open to all high school students. Tournament-style academic quiz competition that turns high school subjects into scholarship opportunities. Quizzes offered September through May. go to: N/A Varies Ongoing
The Automotive Women's Alliance Foundation Scholarship Women who have passion and drive in the automotive industry. Transcript, resume and essay required. Go to: Automotive $2,500 No Deadline
Cooperative Living Organization Low-cost housing for incoming UF and Santa Fe Community College students. N/A Low-cost Housing No Deadline
College Tuition Exemption Children adopted through the Department of Children and Families after the May 5, 1997 may be eligible to receive up to 4 years of college tuition waived at Florida public universities, colleges and vocational training schools. N/A Full Tuition Ongoing
United Negro College Fund Awarding 10,000 students each year through 400 scholarship and internship orograms so that students from low/moderate income families can afford college tuition, books, room and board. Go to: N/A Varies No Deadline
NACCAP Scholarship  NACCAP is offering a $1000 scholarship for completing a simple form regarding marketing and Christian Higher Education. Students need to see their guidance counselor for more details. The final deadline for applications is 5/2/2014. The scholarship is offered to 2 high school students. Any student in any grade-level can apply.
Apply online:
N/A $1,000/year 5/2/2014

Local & National Scholarships

Community Foundation of Broward Scholarship Program
The Community Foundation annually awards more than $100,000 in scholarships.
Applications are available from late January to late March.
The eligibility criteria for each scholarship are listed within the application form.
All scholarships are for colleges, universities, or vocational schools.

Mahatma Rice/Univision Radio Scholarship
Offers college-bound high school seniors from Dade, Broward, and Monroe Counties
$2,000 cash awards
Students must complete an essay

Commerce Bank American Dreams Scholarships
$1,000 scholarship (225 winners will be awarded)
Applicants must be employed or actively involved in their communities
Applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA

Sam Walton (Wal-Mart) Community Scholarship
This is a $1,000 non-renewable scholarship for the first year of undergraduate study
Please visit: for further details

McKelvey Foundation Entrepreneurial Scholarship
Award Offers up to $10,000 per academic year for 4 years to any US college or university
Available to all high school seniors who have demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit by owning and operating their own businesses while in high school.

School Specific Scholarships

The Ronald A. Hammond Scholarship (Univ. Miami)
Four-year, full tuition scholarship awarded to Florida students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds
Minimum requirements include an SAT score of: 1150; ACT of 26; and a strong B+ average
Recipients typically come from single family homes, promote diversity, are from an underrepresented minority, will be the first member of the family to graduate from college; demonstrate achievement and determination in the face of personal challenges

Florida State University Service Scholar Program
10-15 incoming freshmen will receive annual scholarships of $2400 for demonstrating excellence in service and leadership in planning and promoting service among their peers.
Online applications are now available
Deadline January 19

University of North Florida Guaranteed Presidential Scholarship
All students who meet the recalculated GPA of 3.75 and a 1260 SAT or 28 ACT and who submit their application by Nov. 1st will automatically be offered this $10,000 scholarship.
Please visit: for further information on other Freshman scholarships.

Broward County Gator Club
Scholarship for students who will attend UF next year.

Additional Scholarship Links

Arts Recognition and Talent Search
Schoalstic Art and Writing Awards
Ayn Rand Institute Essay Competition
Public Speaking: and
Hispanic Heritage Awards
Sallie Mae
Scholarship for Minorities

Special Criteria Scholarships

Columba Bush’s Arts for Life!

Scholarship awards a $1,000 cash scholarship to 25 high school seniors in dance, music, theater, or visual art.
Recipients will attend a professional development workshop led by Romero Britto.
Visit or email Lisa Kammel Raguso at for further information.

Horatio Alger Association Scholarship Program
Provides financial assistance to students who demonstrate financial need, integrity, and perseverance in overcoming personal adversity. Scholarships range in value from $2,500–$20,000

The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW), Inc.
The Northwest Broward Section seeks to identify two women in Broward County who have the qualities to become our Jewish leaders of tomorrow. Applicants must be enrolled in 11th or 12th grade and must reside in Broward County. One winner will be awarded $1,000 towards tuition. Please contact the College Counseling Office for more information, or email

The Ron Brown Scholar Program
Awards academically talented African American students with scholarships up to $10,000 per year for four years.
Deadlines: November 1 and January 9