Test Preparation and Review

The ACT or SAT exams are a requirement for college acceptance, so start planning early. If your child is working to improve his/her SAT/ACT tests scores for college admissions, scholarships, or Bright Futures money, we encourage you to register him/her for the SAT/ACT preparation and review!

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Test Preparation Links

The following links are useful for test preparation:

Teach America                www.teacham.com
PSAT and SAT Prep        www.collegeboard.com
ACT Prep                        www.actstudent.org
All Test Prep                   www.princetonreview.com
All Test Prep                   www.SylvanLearning.com
All Test Prep                   www.Huntingtonlearning.com
All Test Prep                   www.kaplan.com

You can also check with local colleges and universities, as well as your local library, for test prep classes. The CCA High School code is #100602. Ask your guidance counselor if you need further information.


SAT/ACT Test Prep at CCA

Provided by Sensa

The SAT/ACT Preparation & Review Course, presented by Sensa Educational Systems, will help prepare students for these important tests that are usually required for college entrance and also determine qualification for programs like the National Merit Scholarship Award.

This course includes instruction in all three main areas of these tests — critical reading, math and writing — as well as diagnostic and follow-up testing, time management tips, test-taking strategies and individual study approach plans.  A written essay is also part of the course. The essay is read, evaluated and scored by an independent writing skills expert, who then provides suggestions and guidelines for future improvement. Many of the upper-tier universities are emphasizing writing skills in their acceptance requirements.

If you have course questions or need additional information, please contact Nicole Momot from Sensa at 407-782-7629 or sensa2@sensaedu.com. You can also visit www.sensaedu.com for more info.