Hollywood's Plan

We believe that students need to be in class with a teacher for optimum learning and recognize that most of our parents require a full day of child care based on the feedback we received.

CCA Hollywood’s plan is to accommodate all students — Pre-K, elementary, middle, and high school — on campus five days a week (Scenario 1) while providing the safest environment under such circumstances.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. ” —Proverbs 3:5–6


Daily temperature checks will take place in the car for all students so that any student with a fever of 100.4 or higher can leave directly with their parent/guardian. Students who ride the bus or arrive with an order sibling will be checked at a designated entrance. Students with a fever will be placed in an isolation room until a parent/guardian arrives and will be allowed to return to school when they have been fever-free (without the use of fever-reducing medication) for a period of 24 hours.


Desks will be placed 6 feet apart from each other to maintain social distancing. Student materials will be kept in the desk and in a backpack that will remain hung on the back of the student’s chair. There will also be clear desk shields installed on each desk to serve as additional protection for students.

Secondary students will not be using lockers during this season until we deem it safe to do so with consideration to suggested guidelines.


All persons on campus — teachers, students (K-12), and staff — will be required to wear face coverings. Coverings must be appropriate in appearance and messaging; bandanas and coverings with valves are not permitted. One exception is when students are seated in class and are able to adequately socially distance from others, they have the opportunity to wear a face shield that extends from ear to ear and forehead to shoulders.

Face shields affixed to caps/hats can be worn so long as the cap/hat is appropriate in appearance and messaging. Cloth face coverings will be available for purchase at the main office in the event a student misplaces his/hers; face shields will not be available for purchase at CCAH.


Chapels are scheduled to take place in the sanctuary on a bi-weekly basis and will allow for proper social distancing. All chapels will be streamed, and parents who do not wish for their students to physically attend must submit written consent and present it to the admissions office. These students will remain in a socially distanced, supervised classroom and will view the chapel virtually.


The secondary schedule has been revised to accommodate new cleaning procedures and to better accommodate for parents with multiple, multilevel students. Secondary classes will begin at 7:40 AM and end at 2:40 PM.


Only one class at a time will be permitted on the playground for recess. The school’s facilities team will spray the playgrounds with disinfectant each morning before play. All teacher assistants will sanitize the handles, rails, and frequently touched surfaces before their students enter the playground for their daily recess.

Lower School students will continue to participate in their Specials classes; Specials teachers will travel to classrooms instead of students traveling to theirs.


Preschool and elementary students will have lunch delivered to their classrooms each day in a food bag. Lunches will be prepackaged. Secondary students will enjoy lunch in the lunch room with social distancing enforced. There will be no more than three students per lunch table.


To ensure that our students are as safe as possible at all times they are on our campus, secondary students who are not participating in a sport or are unable to be picked up by 3:30 PM are required to attend Secondary After Care (SAC). The rate for this service is $13 a day or $1,650 for the year. During this time, students will be socially distanced and encouraged to work on their homework.


For parents who feel more comfortable having their child learn from home, CCA Hollywood is purchasing high-definition cameras and TV monitors for every classroom that will allow students to participate virtually in classroom instruction and activities from home in real-time. Recordings of these class sessions will be available as well.

We will be sending out a form in which parents can select whether they’d like their child(ren) to begin the first 9 weeks of the school year on campus or from home through our mobile learning program.

Our primary goal moving forward.

We will continue to monitor government and health guidelines and mandates for the remainder of the school year and communicate any changes with you. Our primary goal is for you to send your child to school with confidence knowing that they are happy and safe while being provided an excellent, enriching, and developmentally appropriate educational experience.

We look forward to continuing to serve your family in 2021-22!

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