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What We Offer

CCA’s many programs, new technologies, and computer resources, as well as special clubs, programs and extracurricular activities enrich students’ lives. From sports teams, musical performances, and dance troupes, to drama presentations, award-winning publications and stellar movie making program…CCA students are provided with great opportunities to explore their talents as they connect with their peers and build lasting friendships.

Fine and Performing Arts

CCA provides our students with numerous opportunities to learn new skills and explore their talents in media, visual arts, dance, music and theater. They have opportunities to compete in local, regional, and national festivals, competitions and performances, including a performance at Carnegie Hall in New York City, the Palm Beach Film Festival, Walt Disney World, and One Act and Florida State Thespian Festivals, from which they have received numerous awards and accolades for their work.   


CCA offers more than 23 Junior and Varsity Sports teams. To date, we have students who have won Ivy League sports scholarships to universities such as Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, which ranks among the world’s greatest academic institutions. 


Students interested in writing, art and photography have a chance to get published by submitting their work to Journey, CCA’s literary magazine’s annual contest. Those interested in journalism can also get published in The Messenger, the high school’s award-winning news magazine, or in CCA’s Yearbook. The writing, design and photography skills they learn prepare them to communicate effectively in the 21st century workplace, which is continuously evolving. As we have seen with the advent of new technology, employers are looking for creative, critical thinkers to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. 

Clubs and Organizations

CCA encourages student involvement in more than 15 extracurricular activities at CCA. These not only facilitate enjoyment, but also teach teamwork, leadership, discipline, discipleship and respect for one another.