Short Term Mission Trip, Lifetime Impact

Michael Ellis
Discover three ways you and your child can grow from short-term mission trips.

Over the years, I have been blessed to attend the annual 8th Grade Mission Trip to the Bahamas a total of 21 times. I say “blessed” because I have witnessed firsthand the transformation that takes place in the hearts of our students as they fulfill the call of Jesus to go and make disciples. I realize that not everyone shares my enthusiasm about taking a large group of students out of the country. Or maybe you have some reservations about mission trips for yourself. Concerns for safety and well-being are usually at the forefront of objections from parents, as well as the added financial commitment for the trip. The objections are understandable, but I’ve seen mission trips provide valuable lessons and experiences for our students, as well as friends in my church.
“I have heard about God working through people, but I was able to see Him work through others and me!”
Here are just three things I’ve seen people walk away with after a mission trip:

  1. You get to practically apply your faith.
    In Luke 10, we’re given an account of Jesus sending out 70 followers to proclaim the Kingdom of God. Jesus spent months teaching His disciples about what it looked like to know God. Now, it was time to take what they were leaning in theory and make it practical. Mission trips are great opportunities for our students to apply and share what they’ve been learning in class and weekly chapels. In the same way, it’s an opportunity for you to live out what you see Jesus and the disciples doing in the Bible and share with others the hope you have in Him.

  2. You step outside of your comfort zone.
    It’s easy to get caught up in just maintaining appearances—knowing what to say, but not living in integrity. Short-term trips like our 8th Grade Bahamas Mission Trip and 11th Grade Mexico Trip challenge students to analyze and live out what they believe. They’re challenged to look past themselves and their bubbles to serve others. Perhaps you need a change of perspective to see God at work in your life.

  3. You are encouraged in your relationship with God.
    Just as the disciples in Luke 10 returned with testimonies of what God did in them and through them, short-term missionaries return from their trips sharing incredible stories, like how they learned to listen for God’s voice through daily quiet times, small group discussion, and worship around the campfire. A student who recently returned from a trip shared with me, “I have heard about God working through people, but I was able to see Him work through others and me!”
Sure, there is always an element of the unknown when you go on a mission trip. However, when you weigh it with what you will learn through the experience, I believe there is no comparison. If you’re looking for a life-changing experience, consider stepping out in faith and going on a short-term mission trip.


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Michael Ellis has been serving at CCA for 14 years. He has been married to his wife Kori for 25 years and is a father of 2 daughters, and one awesome son in law, all three are CCA Alumni. He has had the privilege of working with students in ministry for 26 years.
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