CCA Sophomore Andrew Painter Named to All-World Baseball Team

Nia Hendricks
10th grade CCA student, Andrew Painter, has been playing baseball since he was three years old. All those afternoons playing catch with dad paid off when he was selected to play on the USA Baseball 15u National Team this summer. We sat down with him and his mother, Leslie, to discuss his experience, his work ethic, and his second year at CCA.

Andrew pitched against the home team of Panama in the Gold Medal Championship game in the WBSC 15U World Cup. Painter threw 5 innings, struck out 5 and allowed just 1 run. He and his team took the victory over Panama and for his efforts, Andy was chosen for the All-World Team as “Best Starting Pitcher”.

CCA: So when you took the mound for the championship game, were you nervous?
Andrew Painter (AP): From my perspective, I’ve already made it this far... I was just happy to be there.

CCA: How do you maintain being sportsmanlike?
AP: You have to develop a good friendship with [the other players] so that it’s not about wanting to make it over someone else... It’s more about wanting them do well. You don’t want them to fail. I’m focused on myself when I’m pitching. But other than that, I’m not serious when I’m not playing. I keep it relaxed. One thing I hate is when kids come in and get hung up on doing something bad. Even when I do bad, it is what it is.
Leslie Painter (LP): Baseball is always about the good of the team. If there’s a selfish person on the team it doesn’t work.
"You can’t let distractions get to your head. You can’t let it get in the way."
CCA:What advice do you have for other students who would like to play at this level?
AP: Never stop working through ups and downs. You just have to stick to it. You can’t let distractions get to your head. You can’t let it get in the way.
CCA: Leslie, what advice would you give to parents who are trying to support their children as they play sports?
LP: Stay focused and supportive of your player. The laundry will get done eventually. The house will get picked up eventually. You have such a short window of time. This time is so memorable; I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

CCA: Did you have opportunities to talk about your faith?
AP: On my glove I have Psalm 119:105. That verse says, “His word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” What it means to me, if I’m not performing well, I look at that and remember that God has a plan for me. I can’t get mad, I just stay positive. [One of the coaches] saw that verse on my glove and we talked about his experiences and my experiences.
"CCA has become more than 'my son’s school' to our family."
CCA: Andrew, how have you grown during your time at CCA, both spiritually and as a player?
AP: My faith has only become stronger since coming to CCA and I realize as a player that baseball is more than a game and it’s bigger than I am.

CCA: Leslie, now that you and Andrew have been at CCA for two years, what encouragements would you have for new families?
LP: The best aspect of CCA is the culture and people. I encourage all new families to get involved with school and church activities. Football, basketball, and baseball games coupled with Saturday night church service and some of the Bible studies offered allowed me to strengthen newly found friendships within the Calvary community in addition to my faith and relationship with Christ. CCA has become more than ‘’my son’s school” to our family.
  • MJ Bollinger
    I can so relate to this and me and andy know each other a little bit. thanks for this docuement

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