15 Questions to Ask On A College Visit

Dr. Clifford Mack
Find out if a college or university is right for you by being intentional to ask good questions. 

There are thousands of higher education institutions throughout the United States. While options are great, it can be difficult to know where to start your search for the right school. Your intended major is a good place to begin. Do a little research on colleges with excellent programs that peak your interest and a strong alumni network.
After you’ve narrowed your options, it helps to experience a college or university for yourself through a campus visit before making a decision. You may be impressed by the peppy team of upperclassmen stationed to greet you or the century-old brick and mortar buildings, but if you really want to get the most out of your visit, you need to ask the right questions. Click the drop-down menus below for 15 questions that you should probably ask on your next college visit.

Where you study can have a big impact on your future, but ultimately, your trajectory depends on you! No matter which college you attend, work hard and have fun.


Dr. Clifford H. Mack, Jr. is a School Counselor at Calvary Christian Academy. He has a passion to serve, shepherd, and support student and parent success. His wife, Shawnteria is a High School English teacher at Calvary Christian Academy. They have three children who attend Calvary Christian Academy.
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