5 Reasons Why Students Love Extracurricular Activities

Nia Hendricks
Extracurricular activities are more than just fun, they provide students with helpful life skills.

Why join a student club? Student clubs can provide outlets for students to explore their interests, like sewing, cooking, or community service, some of which may not have an in-depth or active role in a school’s curriculum. Calvary Christian Academy's student life currently offers 29 secondary student clubs, in addition to 16 sports offerings. We asked a few of our students to share why getting involved in a student club is making a big difference for them, here’s what they said:

  1. “Joining a student club helped me make friends.”
    Attending a new school or transitioning to a new school level, like from middle school to high school for example, can be fraught with social challenges. Sofia Fernandez, a 7th grade student, shared that getting involved in a student club helped her feel connected. “I first came to CCA two years ago, and the Theatre Program [helped me] make friends and get involved in my new school,” shared Fernandez.

  2. “I feel more prepared for college.”
    Today’s college admissions counselors are looking for candidates with more than just good grades — they’re looking for applicants with resumes that prove they will be active members of the campus community. “After graduating, I plan on majoring in Biology and minoring in Leadership,” said CCA Hosa Vice President, Danielle Gonzalez. ”My experience from HOSA has allowed me to learn more about the medical careers I’m interested in, and reassure the path God has planned for me.” An interview for CollegeBoard stated that colleges are looking for things that make applicants unique and that they will contribute to positively to the campus life. Actively participating in a club displays evidence of leadership and shows that the applicant is driven to work beyond what’s required of them outside of the classroom.

  3. “I’ve gained leadership experience.”
    Secondary student clubs are primarily student-run, giving students a lot of potential to grow their leadership and management skills. Faculty and volunteers offer support and they oversee activities, but the success and impact of a club is largely dependent on the initiative of the students. “Overall, [participating] in this club has made me more comfortable with leading, managing, and organizing large events and groups of people,” said President of CCA’s Sewing Hearts Club, Ana Polania.

  4. “My club motivates me to do better in class.”
    We’re not surprised that there is a correlation between participating in school clubs and better academic performance. One study showed that students who participated in an extracurricular activity had better attendance records and scored higher in reading and math subjects than their non-participatory counterparts. This may be a result of increased attachment a student feels to their school when they’re a part of a club or sport. Feeling like you are a part of something greater than yourself contributes to overall happiness and attachment, which helps students stay engaged and perform better.

  5. “I like that I get to apply what I learn.”
    Tangible experiences like building robots, giving a presentation, and competing in a Fine Arts category, put the hours students spend reading, studying, and memorizing information in class to work. As a result students get to connect what they learn to life and can experience a greater sense of purpose in their studies. CCA’s International Thespian Society President, Zoey Boyette, shared, “Our club allows us to extend and apply our learned methods in individual performance pieces.” There is a lot of room in student clubs to creatively apply what students learn.

There are plenty of reasons why clubs are beneficial to students spiritually, academically, and socially. We encourage students to explore their interests, take on leadership roles, and even try something they may not have considered before!
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