The Gospel Transforms us From "Marked" to "Remarkable"

Mike Rozenblum
What marks your life? Mike Rozenblum discusses the theme of CCA's Middle School Conference, Remarkable, and how a life with Jesus removes the mark of sin and transforms us to carry a new distinction — His love.

God made us remarkably. “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well,” says the poet in Psalm 139:14. The human body is truly miraculous. Information travels through nerves at almost 250 miles per hour. Adults are made up of approximately seven octillion atoms. They are multiple systems within our bodies that automatically function to keep us alive and healthy. There is tremendous intelligence and individuality behind the design of God’s children. I could go on, but it’s clear to me that our bodies are remarkable.
When we accept Jesus into our hearts we are “re-marked” — marked by the love of Jesus.
Thinking about the Gospel gives that word, remarkable, new meaning for me. Roman 3:23 says, “...All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Sin leaves a mark on us, like a stain, a mark that cannot be removed by scrubbing, washing, showering, but only by the blood of Jesus. When we accept Jesus into our hearts we are “re-marked” — marked by the love of Jesus. CCA Middle School students will be focusing on this topic throughout the month of April. We’ll focus on three things:
  1. Identity
    What defines you? A mark is something visible. Who’s mark do you bear in your life? Being a Christian means there should be distinctions in the way that we act that are apparent to others. We ought to bear the mark of Christ. Not just as a necklace or bumper sticker, but the evidence of a person whose life has been changed by God.

  2. Dependency
    Life is dependent on many things like air, food, and water. However, sometimes we depend on things that may not be so beneficial, like the approval of others. Our dependency should be placed on the One who never fails and never disappoints, and we can only develop dependency after we have built a relationship. Get to know God a little better. Learn to trust Him and in time, He will show you that depending on Him is the only way to never be disappointed.

  3. Purpose
    What is our purpose? Is it to love God, to love others, to do good things? Yes! A remarkable life is not based on what we get but rather by what we give. God has created each of us with special gifts and talents. God reveals things to us when we diligently seek them. Our purpose does not always have to align with our talents but trying to synchronize those two could lead to a remarkable life. You can always start by making it your purpose to love your neighbor as yourself.

The icon or symbol for the conference is a Rubik’s cube, because, just like us, within it there is perfect, but only if it is properly arranged. Whatever the forces that we allow to control or manipulate us help define what we look like. Allow the world to manipulate us, and we will look a mess and out of order. Allow God and His Spirit to manipulate us into something that is Holy, pure and perfect, not in us, but in Him.


Dr. Mike Rozenblum serves on Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale’s Board of Directors and cares for patients at Genesis Physical Medicine. He previously worked as a Men’s Ministry Director, and continues to teach parenting and pre-marital classes alongside his wife, Karen.
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