Strength In Silence

By: Keith Huisman
“. . . but Jesus remained silent.” —Matthew 26:63 Read More

In the days before Jesus’ crucifixion, He stood before several of the most influential people in the area. False accusations were hurled at him, but He remained silent. People who thought they held position over him had no idea that He had legions of angels at His disposal (v. 53). He needed only to give the command.

In sports, trash talk has become part of the cultural norm. We often see jawing and antagonizing behavior at the highest levels of sports. With the advent of social media, the idea of trash talk has extended to the days leading up to and following contests. There are games where tempers flare, and we often wonder why such a small offense would cause such a strong reaction.

Romans 12 tells us, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” It is a common expression that we as Christians are called to be, “in, but not of this world.”

So, I ask the question, What if?
What if we were to remain silent when our opponent talks trash?
What if we were to stay quiet when they challenge our ego?
What would happen if we allowed them to insult our team?
What if social media challenges were ignored?
The answer to all of these questions is simple . . . NOTHING! Nothing would happen. There would be no fights, no dustups, no technical fouls or bench warnings . . . at least for our teams.

Calvary Christian Academy’s athletics department seeks to create a distinctly Christlike environment that trains students to serve sacrificially, lead humbly, and compete with integrity.

Good teammates are sacrificial teammates. They sacrifice their individual desires and do what is best for the team. Individuality, ego, and pride may want to respond to these challenges, but true team players recognize that these responses do not benefit the team. Christians are called to, “make disciples of Jesus Christ.” This means that we follow Him and seek to look more and more like him every day.

So, what if we took all of the energy and adrenaline from being taunted and poured it into our effort levels in practices and games?

What if we chose not to conform to the pattern of this world?

What if?
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