4 Lessons The 3 Wise Men Can Teach Us

By: Jan Lashbrook
This Christmas, CCA’s Early Childhood Director Jan Lashbrook shares four spiritual takeaways we can glean from the wise men’s journey to see King Jesus. May we worship Him and give Him our very best like they did more than 2,000 years ago!

“Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him!” –Matthew 2:2

Each Christmas season, I see the quote, “Wise men still seek Him” on Christmas cards, wall hangings, and bumper stickers. Such a true statement! But who were the original wise men? The gospel of Matthew chapter 2 tells the story. These wise men were not Jews, nor did they have a faith. In fact, they were pagan magicians and astrologers from the east, sometimes called the Magi. The Zondervan Topical Bible notes that they were considered “men of understanding and skill in ordinary affairs, and were recognized as a distinct class of people.” They were respected and scholarly Gentile scientists of that day; most likely priests or court advisors to pagan kings.

The Jews thought the coming Messiah was for Jews only, not Gentiles. But the Magi had heard about the newborn King, had seen the new, unusual star in the heavens, and they needed to find out what it was all about. Being astrologers and scientists, they would have known the star was some sort of anomaly and would be compelled to leave their homes to find out what it meant. They followed the star to Bethlehem and found the young King they had heard so much about. And their lives were changed forever.

The wise men teach us so much about our precious Lord and Savior. Here are a few takeaways I gleaned from the passage:


    Although a Messiah had been promised to the Jews, it was Gentiles from a foreign land who sought Him out, recognized His value, presented Him with expensive gifts, and bowed down and worshipped Him. This story speaks to the fact that God makes every effort to reach every person on earth with His message no matter how far away they are from Him. God never abandons anyone, and there is no person or group of people that is too far gone to be able to come to Him.
    This story speaks to the fact that God makes every effort to reach every person on earth with His message no matter how far away they are from Him.

    The wise men had such a passion to find Jesus that they left their homes and traveled a long way. That’s the passion that we as believers should have in seeking Him daily. It’s easy to lose our passion with the cares of daily life. Even in the Christmas season, we can get so caught up in the hype and commercialism that we forget to seek Him. When the Magi found Jesus, the scripture says, “they fell down and worshipped Him.” I imagine the reverence in that place was tangible. I wonder if our worship today pales in comparison. I wonder if we recognize the holiness of God as much as they did the day they met God in the flesh.
    I wonder if we recognize the holiness of God as much as they did the day they met God in the flesh.

    The wise men brought precious and expensive gifts to Jesus. They brought their best to Him. Do we bring our best to Jesus? Or do we come with our leftovers, tired and distracted? They came with grateful hearts and gave gifts appropriate for a King. Our giving should be the same. All that we have is due to His provision and care for us. How could we not offer Him all we have and all we are?

    “When they saw the star, they were overjoyed. On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped Him. Then they opened their treasures and presented Him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.” –Matthew 2:10-11


    Finally, King Herod was threatened by the newborn King and sought to kill Him. He asked the wise men to come back and tell him where Jesus was after they found Him. Instead, they listened to the Lord who sent them a message in a dream to go back another way. Think of what might have happened if they had not obeyed God’s voice. Are our hearts and ears open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit when He tells us to do something? We’re sometimes guilty of being so busy that we can’t hear His voice above the noise.
    Think of what might have happened if they had not obeyed God’s voice.
I pray that this Christmas season you have time to be still and seek Him the way the wise men sought Him. He is worthy of our time, passion, worship, gifts, and especially our obedience because of all He has done for us.

Merry Christmas!


Jan Lashbrook is the Early Childhood Program Director at Calvary Christian Academy. She and her husband are “empty-nesters,” having raised three children who are all grown and married. Their youngest attended CCA for 12 years, graduating in 2012.
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