Making Space for Student Discipleship

Last month, Calvary Christian Academy broke ground on new Kingdom-advancing projects. Learn how the Calvary Fieldhouse and Fine Arts Scene Shop will be used to disciple students and how you can get into the story God is writing through these spaces.

“Let us arise and build!” –Nehemiah 2:18

There’s no doubt that God is moving in our midst here throughout South Florida, choosing to shine through His followers as instruments of His glory. But we often don’t think about the spaces that are used as vessels for His holy purposes. Such buildings and spaces play a critical role in ministry, especially in the discipleship of Pre-K–12th grade students at Calvary Christian Academy (CCA) — a ministry of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale.

The new Calvary Fieldhouse and Fine Arts Scene Shop were prayerfully designed to provide students with new and improved opportunities to be discipled with excellence by the school’s Christian educators. They will also be used to extend Christ-like hospitality to the community at large — visitors who may come onto this campus for a sporting event or fine arts show and not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
[These spaces] were prayerfully designed to provide students with new and improved opportunities to be discipled with excellence by the school’s Christian educators. 
Doug Sauder — lead pastor of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale — was present at the ceremony to help commit these projects to the Lord and share an exhortation. “We have the chance to take the baton that will benefit future generations because that’s what the Gospel does. It compels us to invest in ways that we may not even benefit,” said Pastor Doug. He also reminded those in attendance that we as a Calvary community are standing on the shoulders of visionaries and joyful givers who came before us.

During the first few years of CCA’s existence, the school was blessed to experience growth beyond expectations, leaving it with a good problem — the need for more space. In response, CCA’s staff, families, church members, and other supporters came together to build a better future for its students, and from such generosity, spaces that our community enjoys today — like the four-story Upper School Building and Theatre where both school and church ministry take place — were constructed.

These spaces didn’t happen because of an increase in tuition dollars; they happened because of the generosity of those who believed in our organization’s mission of making disciples. As CCA continues to grow as one of the largest Christian schools in the country, it has remained steadfast in this eternal mission by helping students develop a strong foundation biblically, academically, and socially in a biblical school environment.
These spaces . . . happened because of the generosity of those who believed in our organization’s mission of making disciples.
Michel Huyghe — a 12th grade student who shines both in academics and in extracurriculars — is one of those students whose life has been changed by the investment that is Christian education. At the groundbreaking ceremony, he shared how one Bible class he took in particular called Seeing Christ in all of Scripture served as a turning point for him.

“That class and this school has helped me see Jesus in a way I never saw him before. I had to make a decision of whether I would take up my cross and follow him. By His grace, I chose yes. That was really the moment my life changed, and I started to take advantage of all the spiritual opportunities this school has to offer,” said Michel.

Michel has been presented with opportunities to serve as the captain of the ice hockey team, mentor his teammates and classmates, preach the Gospel to children in our community, and lead a small group for younger students.

“My hope and prayer for this Fieldhouse is that the Lord use what this school has done for me and expand that to this athletic building. I pray ultimately that every single person who exits that building would know the most glorious truth on this earth — that Jesus Christ came to this earth to save sinners.”

Though the financial goal for these projects has not yet been met, CCA is moving forward with these projects in faith! If the Lord is leading you to get into the story God is writing at Calvary Christian Academy, you’re invited to learn more by visiting

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