CCA Chosen to Test Google's Augmented Reality App

Nia Hendricks
Calvary Christian Academy students got to beta test and share their feedback on Google’s pilot Augmented Reality app for education—exploring different subjects from math to biology.

The rising generations have never known a world without the internet. According to a study from Influence Central, “the average age for a child getting their first smartphone is now 10.3 years.” Traditional methods of communication, and consequently instruction, have to compete with these highly visual and interactive platforms. Though some may fear the challenges posed by the significance of technology, teachers at Calvary Christian Academy are choosing to embrace them by finding ways to integrate apps and new technology into their curriculum.

The classroom should be an extension of what students need to be successful lifelong learners.

Secondary Media Specialist, Kathryn Nguyen, oversees tech-integration throughout Calvary Christian Academy. Mrs. Nguyen shared, “Technology is important in all aspects of the curriculum at CCA because technology is used in all aspects of our daily life. The classroom should be an extension of what students need to be successful lifelong learners.” Her passion for educational technology led to our school being chosen to beta-test Google’s pilot Augmented Reality app, at the beginning of this month. Students of different grade levels participated in different educational programs in the app, from math to biology. One freshman class virtually explored different layers of the skin through the lens of a smart phone while listening to their teacher explain its functions.
“CCA is a Google Apps for Education school and the teachers and students use many Google apps every day. I’m hoping this experience will allow teachers to see more uses for Google Expeditions (VR) app in the classroom.” Technology allows students to experience visual information they would otherwise not have access to. Not everyone can visit the Amazon Rainforest of Mt. Everest, but they can get a glimpse of what it would be like through virtual reality. As teachers like Mrs. Nguyen continue to explore the uses for innovative technology in the classroom, we are excited to see the many ways students will benefit from their “early-adopter” attitudes. 

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