National Letter of Intent Signing Day

Calvary Christian Academy celebrated seniors Aly Mielke and Robbie Evans as they signed their letters of intent to play at the collegiate level.

At Calvary Christian Academy, we believe that athletics are an opportunity to be a light for Christ. Christian athletes have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with others, beyond their love for the game, through excellence, good sportsmanship, and integrity. This year, two honorable seniors are moving on to compete at the collegiate level–Aly Mielke and Robbie Evans.
"The anointing [they're] going to take with them is significant."
Here’s what Assistant Athletic Director, Kirk Hosa, had to say about each of them: “Both of these athletes have an anointing on the field of play... they can share that anointing that God has given them with world...I was inspired to go to my first bible study because I found out that three of my teammates were going to that bible study. They were teammates that I really respected on the field… they played in a way that I saw as honorable and that I wanted to be like... That platform is huge in our culture that sports provides and so that anointing that Aly and Robbie have that they’re going to take [with them] is significant.”

Aly Mielke will be playing soccer for Purdue University and Robbie Evans will be playing football for Delta State University. Calvary Christian Academy is very proud to call them students, and soon alumni.

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