Your School's Work Culture is Affecting Your Child

Nia Hendricks
Studies show that the more supported a professional feels in their role, the better they perform—that includes teachers!

I’ll never forget my 7th grade pre-algebra teacher. Why? Well, her temper was short, her energy low, and she seemed to lack a general sense of contentment. Granted, she had to wrangle a group of public school tweenagers into paying attention each day–no easy feat. But even when we were all on our best behavior, she just seemed unhappy to be in the classroom.

It’s surprisingly easy to forget that teachers are, in fact, human. At 12 years old, I had no idea what my pre-algebra teacher was going through. Perhaps she was dealing with loss, or financial struggles, or depression. All I knew was that she was discontent and nobody seemed to be supporting her through it, and that made class uncomfortable for the rest of us.

School-age children spend 50% of their day at school, with teachers. At Calvary Christian Academy, it is extremely important that the faculty and staff feel cared for and well-supported. Not only do we believe this is our duty as Christians, but we know our teachers’ well-being will affect our students. The workplace environment is important because happy teachers means happy students. According to an article by Harvard Business Review, the more supported professionals feel in their work environment, the better they perform. They lead healthier lives, experience less workplace accidents, and exhibit a greater sense of ownership in their role. Therefore, the level of health in a school’s work culture directly correlates to the quality of education students receive.
“. . . the flock God has entrusted to you is well cared for.”
For the last three consecutive years, faculty has participated in an anonymous survey and provided feedback on their workplace environment. It is an honor to say that for the last two years the results of the staff survey have led to CCA being a certified Best Christian Workplace. Al Lopus, President of Best Christian Workplaces Institute, shared with CCA, “Integrity, transparency, compassion, and trust are characteristics people long for in their relationships with others and from their leaders. To receive such positive feedback from your staff causes us to believe that the flock God has entrusted to you is well cared for (1 Peter 5:2).”

Now as an adult in the workforce, who has experienced both unhealthy and healthy work cultures, I have sympathy for my grumpy pre-algebra teacher. But I’m also thankful that the majority of Calvary Christian Academy teachers don’t have that same story. As we continue to strive for an excellent work environment and invest in our faculty, we know that your child will reap the reward of our efforts.
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