Pre-K Programs and Curriculum


Pre-K Ratios & Schedules:

Pre-k3 classes are capped at 15 students, with a teacher: student ratio of no more than 1:8.  Pre-k4 classes are capped at 20 students, with a ratio of 1:10.  Each pre-k classroom has a teacher and teacher assistant in each classroom.  Pre-k students are offered either a three-day (MWF) or a five-day (M-F) program.

Pre-k Curriculum:

Thematic Learning Units with “in-house” field trips are used in conjunction with the A Beka Book curriculum in our Pre-k program.  Beautifully illustrated and imaginatively written, A Beka Book is a comprehensive curriculum that promotes godly character while reinforcing pre-writing, reading and math skills. 

Lessons integrate concepts in language and early literacy development as well as math, science, social studies, health and safety, personal and social development.

Fine and gross motor coordination is reinforced daily through math manipulatives, Art, and engaging instructional activities within the classroom.

Listening and critical thinking skills are increased as students are introduced to short stories and poetry by well-known authors, building a solid foundation for reading comprehension throughout the academic career.   

Our pre-k3 Bible curriculum features age appropriate applications and meaningful stories that reinforce God’s truths in young hearts.   Biblical characters from both the Old and New Testaments come alive for students as they hear, see, and act out the Bible stories together.
The pre-k4 Bible curriculum, Walking With God and His People, is a powerful hands-on program designed to help pre-kindergarten students know God’s Word, believe His promises, and live in faith and obedience.  Students are presented with activities and resources that reinforce understanding, retention, and application.

Specials Classes

Pre-kindergarten student participate in Spanish, Music, Movement, Drama, and chapel once each week.  Physical Education is offered twice weekly for full time students.