WeatherBug Lightning Alerting System

We are pleased to announce that Calvary Christian Academy was one of the first schools chosen in the state of Florida to receive a donation from the Jesse Watlington Memorial Foundation. The foundation has purchased a WeatherBug Lightning Alerting System for CCA, which has been installed on the roof of our campus, and is currently in operation. 


The Watlington family lost their 11-year old son Jesse on October 3, 2012, in Ft. Myers, Florida. He was struck by lightning on his school's football practice field during an after school football practice. That's why Jesse's parents have made it their mission to donate these systems to 50 Christian schools across Florida. These initial 50 schools will be funded entirely by the Watlington's personal bank account via the foundation. 


The system operates as follows: When lightning enters an unsafe range of the property, a siren will blast for 15 seconds and will be heard on the western portion of our campus, where the athletic fields are located. Once this siren sounds, it is mandatory for all people on campus to seek safety in a secure structure or vehicle. Once 30 minutes of any lightning activity within our designated safe range has passed, the sirens will sound an ALL-CLEAR (three, 5-second blasts), informing our staff, families and visitors that it is safe to resume outdoor activities.  Staff will also receive web-based and mobile-intelligence tools to help make safety decisions. The system will be operational from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week,  on the western portion of our campus. 


If you would like to help the Watlington family with supplying future schools, go to to donate and learn more about Jesse and the foundation.