CCA's Ongoing Commitment to Security and Safety

Calvary Christian Academy Safety and SecurityIn light of recent world events, Gatekeepers Security Department is continuing to work diligently toward providing quality security service for the school. As always, we want to keep you up to date with our most recent efforts to ensure the safety of the students, staff, visitors and their property. In addition to our long-standing Gatekeepers security procedures and team — made up of primarily former law enforcement officers and retired military personnel — below are some of the extra measures we’ve recently implemented:

  • Two additional uniformed Gatekeeper security officers during those peak hours: morning drop-off, lunch and afternoon pick up.
  • High visibility campus patrol throughout the day.
  • Uniformed Gatekeepers during athletic events at home.
  • Bi-weekly meetings with Fort Lauderdale Police regarding recent crime trends and information sharing.
  • Established relationship with Pine Crest School Security Director for strategy & information sharing.
  • Gatekeepers quarterly training with local law enforcement to receive the latest industry standards in education and tactics for security services.

Gatekeepers is continuously looking for new ways to improve security at the school. If you have any suggestions that might help enhance security at CCA, feel free to let us know. Please call (954) 556-4271. 

Safety Update

WeatherBug Lightning Alerting System

We are pleased to announce that Calvary Christian Academy was one of the first schools chosen in the state of Florida to receive a donation from the Jesse Watlington Memorial Foundation. The foundation has purchased a WeatherBug Lightning Alerting System for CCA, which has been installed on the roof of our campus, and is currently in operation. For more information CLICK HERE.