Social Studies

You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” – Matthew 5:14

The overarching purpose of any course at Calvary Christian Academy is to MAKE DISCIPLES.  As such, the specific purpose of this class is to provide the tools and disciplines of the mind that studying history can produce, in order for our students to be better equipped in their own walk with our Lord as well as impacting the world that they are in.  The study of Social Sciences provides certain specific skills and tools for our students to accomplish this.  Students will be able to independently use their learning to read critically, understand the interrelationships between events and ideas across time, write logically and use reason, evaluate sources, identify point of view or bias, determine cause and effect, evaluate current events from a historical and biblical context, and grow and share their faith. Throughout the year activities and events such as National History Day and a variety of teacher led projects and activities, alongside a plethora of Advance Placement classes, put the theory and ideas created and discussed in the classroom into practical application hands on application.

Furthermore, the ultimate purpose of the Social  Sciences, as taught by the staff at  Calvary Christian Academy, is to provide students the opportunity to acquire an understanding of how God has worked in history in the past, is at work in the present, and how he majestically culminates His story in the future.  We at Calvary Christian Academy believe that HE, Christ the King, is the center of the STORY of the Social Sciences.