There's a lot to think about as your son or daughter heads into their senior year—but don't forget that all-important senior portrait!

NOW is the time to schedule their photo session with Prestige Portraits—the Yearbook deadline for portraits is early fall, so plan to avoid the crowds and long waits by scheduling now. Plus, you'll save money because Prestige offers a summer discount of up to 50%, so don't delay.

Because the Senior pictures in the Yearbook must have consistency in head size, background and posing, we will be using only portraits taken by Prestige Portraits.

Make your reservation by phone at 1-800-749-2796 or online at If you choose to make your reservation online, you will need a login code, which is on its way to you by mail (you do not need this code to schedule by phone.)

Thank you for making the effort to help us complete the Yearbook on schedule!