Morning Band Camp | Beginner | 4th–8th Grade

Band Room
This camp is specifically designed for the student with little to no experience playing an instrument.

Campers will be able to select one of 5 instruments to play, with help from their Band Director. After they have selected their instrument, students will begin the journey of beginner's band!

Space and equipment is limited! Sign up today!

Rising 4th Grade–8th Grade
Cost: $200

This session is for students with NO EXPERIENCE playing an instrument and/or reading music. These students will have an opportunity to learn one of 6 instruments. 
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Alto Sax
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
Students will select an instrument with guidance from the director and that will be their instrument for 5 days.

We will provide the instrument, the necessary accessories for that instrument, and the music book. Students will learn the following during the 5 days:
  • How to assemble and disassemble their instruments
  • How to carry and hold their instrument
  • Proper breathing techniques required for playing instruments
  • How to get a sound on their particular instrument
  • First 5 notes
  • Basic music theory such as rhythms and basic musical terms required to read music
  • How to play together as a group
Students will borrow the instrument and book for the entire 5 days. After each day of camp your student can take the instrument and music book home to practice. All equipment must be returned on the last day of camp.

*This is a great opportunity for students to get a feel for band so they can consider joining their school band class in the future. 


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