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Continuing the legacy of a beloved teacher.

The Kaye Taylor Scholarship Fund has been set up in memory of one of CCA’s first Kindergarten teachers, Kaye Taylor, who went home to be with the Lord in March of 2016. By contributing, you are continuing the legacy of a teacher whose heart was for students to have the opportunity to know Jesus, learn to love others, and to sow hope, life, and joy in their community—regardless of their financial situation.

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This scholarship will assist future CCA families with tuition assistance.

“Kaye accepted each student as they were and helped them grow into what God wanted them to be. She put 150% into her students, classroom activities and caring for her students’ parents.”

Jan Lashbrook
Early Childhood Director and Kaye’s assistant that first year

A Christmas Blessing

Each year, a CCA family is chosen to receive a “Christmas Blessing” made possible by the Kaye Taylor Scholarship Fund. Mrs. Taylor, one of CCA’s most beloved Kindergarten teachers, went home to be with the Lord in March of 2016. Donations made to this fund honor her love for children and passion for Christian education.

This year, the Ispir family was surprised with the scholarship, but that is only part of this powerful story.

“I just don't have any words to say about the whole thing. I didn't realize how much a community here could really help something like this.” —Angelina Ispir, Class of 2022

Scholarship Stories

List of 4 news stories.

  • A Penny Saved, a Penny Earned: 6 Financial Resources to Get You Through COVID-19

    CCA’s Middle School Principal and Director of Finance, Joe Wilson, has six tips designed to give you financial relief not just during this challenging season but if you ever find yourself in a financial bind in the future.
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  • Alumni Story: Wyky Jean

    To whom much is given, much is required. Wyky Jean knows that he has been given so much because he didn’t have it for most of his childhood. What he provides to students today is what he hungered for before coming to CCA. God provided him a culture where he was loved, challenged and inspired, because of a generous donor’s gift, it’s what he now shares.
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  • Alumni Story: Priscilla

    What do you do when everything around you is in direct conflict with what you believe God has promised? For Priscilla, hearing God whisper “I am bringing you out of darkness into light” was just the beginning of a journey with exhilarating highs and crushing lows.
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  • Calvary Christian Academy Families Awarded Christmas Blessing

    Tears and laughter filled the room as the Calvary Christian Academy administration awarded three hardworking and dedicated families the Kaye Taylor Scholarship.
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