Visual Arts

Calvary Christian Academy - Visual Arts


Art exploration begins in the very earliest years at Calvary Christian Academy, as all elementary students receive art instruction as part of their curriculum. In middle school, students can choose general art courses as electives, and in high school they can diversify into individual elements such as painting, drawing, and ceramics.




A wide variety of courses is offered to develop the artist's God-given talents. Students seeking to continue their studies beyond the high school experience are given greater exposure to various content areas in the art field, and the opportunity to develop personal study and a comprehensive portfolio. The program allows further inquiry and personal expression, using different techniques in two- and three-dimensional media.


Tami Pettingell
Elementary Art (K-1)

Elaine Panella
Elementary Art (2-5)

Heather Camargo
Secondary Art (MS, HS)

Noemi Klipfel
Secondary Art (HS)

Mark Merrill
Secondary Art/Design (HS)