Guided Toward a Heart of Gratitude [VLOG]

By: Dr. Jason Rachels
Why does God guide us toward a heart of gratitude in His Word? Watch this one-minute vlog from CCA President Dr. Jason Rachels as he shares his thoughts on the matter in preparation for Thanksgiving.

Why does God guide us toward a heart of gratitude in His Word? Is it so we can be well-mannered or feel good about ourselves? 

In this two-minute vlog, CCA President Dr. Jason Rachels shares his thoughts as we prepare to gather around our tables this Thanksgiving. 

May your spirit be lifted and your faith be increased as you remember all that the Lord has done for you and your family. 
 “The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” —Psalm 126:3

Dr. Rachels has faithfully dedicated 23 years of service to CCA since its opening in 2000. He started as an Assistant Principal, and then God raised him up to serve as Elementary Principal, High School Principal, Head of School, and now as President. In his current role, he has been busy dreaming and praying about the future of CCA, supporting all four of its campuses, and equipping leaders — both staff and students — to change the world for Jesus Christ.
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    Grateful for CCA Grateful for the word of Yahshuah

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