A child’s elementary years are where dreams, gifts, and interests begin to blossom.

At CCAH, our faculty and staff provide attentive care in a small classroom setting with an academically and spiritually enriching curriculum that will help draw out the best in your child. Students will be nurtured in the Word of God and encouraged in their walk with Christ, both in the classroom and through weekly chapel activities. Additionally, we provide physical fitness and artistic classes that will encourage a healthy and creative lifestyle for your child.

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. —Proverbs 22:6
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Elementary Curriculum

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  • Bible

    Our Bible program is a powerful tool for making disciples and cultivating spiritual growth. The Lord’s Word is living and active, and the most excellent tool for bridging the gap between the student and God.
  • English Language Arts

    Our ELA curriculum prepares all students to: 
    1. Gain knowledge, understanding and wisdom through reading. 
    2. Communicate effectively in written and oral form. 
    3. Articulate and defend truth and combat falsehood. 
    4. Discern the intrinsic value and biblical truth of oral and written communication.

    CCA educators biblically integrate English Language Arts instruction, teaching students to apply a biblical worldview to all situations.
  • Mathematics

    Our mathematics curriculum prepares all students to: 
    1. Defend their faith. Math provides a process for determining the reasonableness of a solution, discerning truth from non-truth, constructing viable arguments and critiquing reasoning.
    2. Think critically and persevere in problem solving. Math requires that students acquire critical thinking skills in order to creatively and logically solve problems, as well as reason abstractly and quantitatively.
    3. Acquire a love for and understanding of rightness, structure and exactitude. These are aspects of our Creator and are reflected in the beauty and precision of His Creation.
    4. Gain understanding of order and priority. Math reinforces the understanding that problem solving is dependent upon a foundational understanding of order and priority.
    5. Understand that Math is created by God, thus deriving purpose, meaning and value from God. The study of mathematics also offers a greater understanding of God’s creation and the knowledge of how to be better stewards of it.
  • Science

    Our science curriculum prepares students to: 
    1. Develop problem-solving, decision-making and inquiry skills, reflected by formulating usable questions and hypotheses, planning experiments, conducting systematic observations, interpreting and analyzing data and drawing conclusions and communicating results. 
    2. Use scientific practices to observe and evaluate Creation through form and function, to stand in awe of God and to relate to fellow man.
    3. Discern and communicate worldviews compared to Biblical truth and engage in apologetic discussion based on Biblical scientific evidence.
    4. Analyze and interpret the order and design present in Creation in their lives and attribute it to God. 
    5. Recognize the limits of science and the role of science in a Biblical worldview. 
    6. Develop and utilize scientific tools, including mathematics, models and technology, for the Glory of God. 
    7. Recognize that their body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and identify ways to honor God with their body. 

    Purposeful Design emphasizes the experimental method and hands-on activities, allowing students to develop a love for science while introducing them to its exciting study. CCA educators biblically integrate science instruction, teaching students to apply a biblical worldview to all situations.
  • Social Studies

    Our social studies curriculum prepares students to: 
    1. Read critically. 
    2. See the “big picture”: Understand the interrelationships between events and ideas across time. 
    3. Write coherently (also logically or by using reason). 
    4. Evaluate sources. 
    5. Identify point of view or bias. 
    6. Determine cause and effect. 
    7. Evaluate current events from a historical and biblical context.

    CCA educators biblically integrate social studies instruction, teaching students to apply a biblical worldview to all situations.
  • Specials

    CCAH students enrich their academic learning through art, music, physical education and media. The Elementary School Building, which serves as the main education center for Pre-K3–5th grade students, is a learning space that includes engaging classrooms, as well as a media center, art studio, computer lab, and music room. This learning space also includes spaces designed to support students with specific needs or one on one support. 
  • Weekly Chapel

    From Pre-K through 12th grade, weekly chapel services are a significant part of a CCA student’s spiritual growth. Students gather for corporate worship, to study the Word, and to apply Biblical truths to their lives on a level that relates to them. Messages are taught by school staff, pastors, and various other ministry leaders. Testimonies, dramas, student led worship, and intercessory prayer are typical components of chapel services.

    Parents and families are always welcome to join.

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