Make disciples.
Make a difference.

Working at Calvary Christian Academy is more than a job — it’s a calling. We are a collective of Christian thinkers, innovators, creatives, parents, and coaches on a mission to educate tomorrow’s leaders for Christ and transform communities. Join our team, and you’ll do work that matters.

Employee Benefits

Soul Keeping

  • PTO and sick time
  • Pregnancy (5 Weeks) / Bonding (1 week) PTO

Your Body Is A Temple

  • Health insurance plans available
  • Employer monthly contribution towards your health insurance premium
  • Access to church gym

Life-Long Learning

  • Child tuition discount
  • CCA Fort Lauderdale staff families receive 50% off Preschool tuition
  • Additional discounts/reimbursements for educational and professional development opportunities
  • Quarterly professional development days

Convenient Dining Options

  • Two restaurants on Fort Lauderdale campus
  • 25% off dine-in lunch at The Grill
  • Free birthday beverage during birthday month
  • Unlimited soda at the Generous Cafe & Bookstore staff lounge

Invest In Your Future

  • Free Financial Peace University class
  • 403(b) match program
  • Free planning and preparation for wills and trusts


  • On-site childcare option
  • Baby bonus (birth and adoption)
  • Short-term disability option
  • Free long-term disability
  • Critical illness insurance option
  • Free basic life insurance
  • 30% off at the Generous Cafe & Bookstore
  • Free admission to regular season CCA home games
  • Complimentary ticket to select CCA Fine Arts productions

Please note:

  • We are accepting applications for the current and next academic year unless otherwise noted on the position description.

  • An out-of-state moving allowance is available.

  • The online application process is detailed. If you choose to apply, please be prepared to set aside 45 minutes in order to thoroughly complete the application.

  • All teaching positions have a minimum requirement of a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.

  • You must upload a copy of your college transcripts along with your resume and completed application to begin the process. We look forward to reviewing your application!

We exist to make disciples of Jesus Christ through a biblical school environment that prepares students to glorify God spiritually, academically, and socially.
    • Staff Worship

Organizational Core Values

List of 7 items.

  • Core Value # 1: Humility

    House Rules

    1. Find yourself in your prayer closet.
    We spend time before God to discover who we are in Him.

    2. Ready, set, serve!
    We look for opportunities to serve one another.

    3. Leave your ego at the door.
    We seek God's glory and put our personal agendas aside.

    4. Operate on a first name basis.
    We won’t use our title, position, or credentials as a power tool.

    5. Other people’s time is as valuable as yours.
    We will be present and on time or call if we’re running late.

    6. Not too proud to pitch in and pick up.
    We clean up messes we didn’t make.

    7. Humble pie is healthy.
    We won’t be afraid to admit a mistake and we will be quick to forgive.

  • Core Value #2: Soul Keeping

    House Rules

    1. Arrange your day.
    We do our best to align our priorities with God’s.

    2. Keep in touch.
    We stay connected to God in both the big and small moments.

    3. Slow your pace.
    We ruthlessly eliminate hurry from our lives so we can focus on being present.

    4. Invite someone in.
    We commit to having a friend we can confess to and confide in.

    5. Keep your thoughts in check.
    We monitor our minds so we can redirect destructive thoughts.

    6. Create space for relationships.
    We care more about the people than the projects.

    7. Stay fit.
    We take care of ourselves spiritually, physically, financially, relationally, and emotionally.

  • Core Value #3: Collaboration

    House Rules

    1. It all starts with trust.
    We build trust in our relationships through integrity, authenticity, and reliability.

    2. All for one.
    We cultivate team unity as we pray together, work together, and play together.

    3. Work across and build up.
    We invite and value people, ideas, and talents from other departments.

    4. Create goals together.
    We collectively establish a goal and then align our agendas to achieve it.

    5. Your input matters.
    We’re free to express our ideas and opinions without fear of judgment.

    6. Give up your right to be right.
    We recognize that successful collaboration requires some give and take.

    7. Think Big C
    We uphold a kingdom culture and partner with other churches/ministries in our community.

  • Core Value #4: Pursuing Excellence

    House Rules

    1. Who’s it for?
    We remind ourselves it’s all about Jesus and He is worthy of our best effort.

    2. Plan like an ant!
    We plan ahead and manage our time in order to produce quality work.

    3. Follow through.
    We deliver on promises we make and don’t make promises we can’t keep.

    4. Yes isn’t always best.
    We are not afraid to say no for the right yes.

    5. Good is the enemy of great.
    We strive to create better and innovative ways of doing things.

    6. Excellence is not perfection.
    We refuse to let our mistakes diminish our efforts or determine our attitudes.

    7. Look back to look ahead.
    We foster a culture of feedback in order to evaluate our work and improve it.

  • Core Value #5: Empowering Leaders

    House Rules

    1. Remain openhanded.
    We hold tightly to our faith and mission, not our titles or positions.

    2. Identify and inspire new leaders.
    We look for people with leadership potential and take the time to invest in them.

    3. If the shoe fits.
    We place people in roles where they can best operate in their gifts.

    4. Cultivate growth.
    We pursue opportunities for our own development and for those we lead.

    5. Think outside of the box.
    We don’t shut down different ways of doing things just because it’s not “our” way.

    Create decision makers.
    We delegate authority to empower others to make decisions and take ownership.

    7. R.A.V.E.
    We recognizeaffirm, and value everyone on our team.

  • Core Value #6: Celebration

    House Rules

    1. Celebrate with God.

    We rejoice in what God is doing in us, through us, and in those around us.

    2. Don’t wait until heaven.

    We celebrate the progress we’ve made along the way and not just the finished work.

    3. Expand your guest list.

    We celebrate the success of every project with everyone involved.

    4. Cue the confetti.

    We recognize celebration should be both planned and spontaneous.

    5. You work with a VIP.

    We celebrate people, both their personal and professional milestones.

    6. Joy on the job.

    We enjoy living out our calling, building deep relationships, and having fun on our mission together.

    7. Great job, great job.

    We celebrate what we want to repeat.

  • Core Value #7: Authentic Love

    House Rules

    1. Love believes.

    We choose to believe the best in one another.

    2. Love forgives.

    We forgive offenses and don’t hold them against each other.

    3. Love confronts.

    We show compassion when we have hard and honest conversations with others.

    4. Love follows through.

    We deliver on promises we make and don’t make promises we can’t keep.

    5. Love protects.

    We champion a culture where gossip and negative attitudes are not welcome.

    6. Love perseveres.

    We don't give up on relationships with the people we work and serve with.

    7. Love sacrifices.

    We set aside our plans to give our time and attention to meet others’ needs.

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