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  • Preparing Youth to Lead for Christ in Growing STEM Field

    By choosing a Christian school like CCA that implements a STEM curriculum from Pre-K to 12th grade, parents can encourage their children to explore their giftings in science, technology, engineering, and math without taking God out of the equation. Discover how pointing students to His orderly and creative nature through these subjects each year equips them for future success that in turn presents opportunities to be a light for Christ in this influential industry.
  • What Will 2021-22 Look Like at CCA?

    Learn what the mobile learning and face covering policies will be during the 2021-22 school year on CCA’s Fort Lauderdale Campus along with the reasons why such decisions were prayerfully made by the school’s leadership team.
  • Better Than Beginnings

    Congrats on making it to the finish line! Whether you feel relieved, tired, or excited to have completed this school year, CCA’s Early Childhood Director Jan Lashbrook has an encouraging message to share with you about God’s perfect process and timing in every season of life. Happy Summer!
  • Pursuing Purpose

    Calvary Christian Academy seniors Matthew Barnes, Cristen Knapp, Juan Moscoso, and Joshua Pilote — this year’s National Merit Scholars and National Hispanic Scholars — have not just achieved the highest levels of academic excellence at CCA, but have done so to live out the unique callings God has for each of their lives. As you read what these students were made for, we encourage you to reflect upon the vision the Lord had for your life when he created you.
  • 4 Proactive Ways Parents Can Navigate Teen Drug Use

    Because children need safe spaces to unpack the “whys” of life, including the “why” behind just saying no to drugs, CCA introduced a new program this semester to sixth grade students called Too Good for Drugs. Officer Bill Ferrell, CCA’s beloved school resource officer who taught one of the program's sessions, shares advice to parents on how they can proactively prevent and recognize drug use in their children’s life.
  • CCA Teacher Guides Students and Staff Through Pandemic Tech Pivot

    Due to COVID-19, the use of technology in the classroom has rapidly accelerated — a change that proved to be a struggle for some students. Thankfully, CCA’s Elementary Technology Teacher and Tech Coach, Mrs. Laura Morris, has developed a fun new way for 3rd-5th grade students to grow in their typing skills and thrive as 21st century learners! Having faithfully worked at CCA for 15 years, she has equipped both students and staff through her heart for teaching.
  • Nervous No More: Chinese Student Blossoms While Studying Abroad

    Starting a new school is an intimidating experience for the average student. Now, add to that having to adapt to a new culture, customs, and a language barrier. Such was the case for 12th grade student Yijun Wu when he enrolled at CCA, but that apprehension quickly turned into confidence when God placed certain people into his life that aided in his spiritual, academic, and social growth during his time studying abroad in the USA.
  • Healthy Ways Parents Can Cope Stress & Anxiety: Hear from the Experts

    Stress and anxiety levels are at an all-time high for parents during this tumultuous time in our world. That’s why we’ve teamed up with local mental health leaders during this National Stress Awareness Month to provide parents with practical ways to cope with the pressures of life. May these tips empower you to confidently live out your God-given calling and be the positive example your child needs.
  • Paving the Way for “Project Lead the Way”

    In our tech-driven world, the demand for STEM-educated professionals is higher than ever. Learn how CCA has worked to meet this demand by being the only Florida school, among public and private schools, and one of the few in the country to offer all five of Project Lead the Way’s STEM education programs across Pre-K–12th grade. This advanced, college-preparatory curriculum is not only preparing CCA students to lead in the STEM field at the highest caliber, but to do so for Jesus’ glory.
  • A Librarian’s Authentic Love

    “‘By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.’” -John 13:35 (NIV)

    During this National Library Week, join us as we honor Mrs. Mary Kavanaugh, CCA’s beloved Elementary Librarian, who has served our school community since its opening. This interview highlights Mrs. Kavanaugh’s unique journey as a librarian, the literacy programs she has introduced to CCA, and her faithfulness to God’s calling.
  • A Picture Worth a Million Words

    When Mary Magdalene, Simon Peter, and John find Jesus’ tomb empty three days following his crucifixion, they each experience something different and notice different details — details that ultimately point back to the Old Testament and forward to Christ’s Second Coming. This Easter, join Calvary Christian Academy’s Bible Department Head Pastor Bill Schott as he explains how gaining a better understanding of Jewish culture and history can help us see one of the greatest pictures painted in all of Scripture. Get ready to get goosebumps!
  • Choose Socialization Over Screen Time This Summer

    Summer is quickly approaching! Learn how keeping your child(ren) physically active and mentally engaged this summer will not only make for a happy camper, but also minimize excessive screen time use, which can have detrimental effects on young, developing minds.
  • So You Think You Can Dance . . . for Jesus?

    High school dancers and their parents don’t have to choose between professional dance instruction and a Christian education. They can have both. Discover how CCA’s Dance Endorsement program makes this possible for high school students and which renowned college dance programs and summer intensives they’re being accepted into.
  • CCA Eagles Soar into This Spring Season

    Despite facing unique challenges this spring season, Calvary Athletics' student-athletes are not just surviving, but thriving. Learn how our Eagles are excelling in their respective sports — by securing state championship titles, earning top national rankings, and working hard for winning streaks — while growing as godly and resilient men and women of character.
  • Resuming In-Person Learning: CCA’s Journey

    Last summer, CCA’s leadership team and administrators worked around the clock to develop a plan for swiftly resuming in-person learning and mitigating the spread of COVID-19 on its campuses. Read about the changes that have made it possible for Calvary Christian Academy students to receive the spiritual, academic, and social support they need to soar.
  • 4 Tips for Transitioning Your Child from Elementary to Middle School

    Help prepare your elementary student for middle school with these practical tips!
  • One Race, Many Stories: Commemorating Black History Month

    In an effort to bring awareness to the rich diversity within the Black community, we invited a few CCA students to share what they love most about the countries they represent and how their personal Black History has helped them grow into the young men and women of God they are today. May these stories break down any barriers of misunderstanding, build bridges of unity, and point you closer to the One we are all made in the image and likeness of.
  • Agape Love: More Than a Feeling

    Roses are red, violets are blue, let’s model Jesus’ love that’s sacrificial and true. CCA’s Early Childhood Director, Jan Lashbrook, turns to the book of 1 Corinthians to remind us how everything we do as Christ’s beloved should be done in love . . . not just on Valentine’s Day, but always!
  • Freedom in Forgiveness: Resolving Conflict God’s Way

    Many of us avoid confrontation because we’re not really sure how to go about it, but as Christians, we’re called to live in harmony with fellow believers. Thankfully, Jesus gave us a roadmap to help us serve as leaders in the ministry of reconciliation. Join Calvary Christian Academy’s Bible Department Head, Pastor Bill Schott, as he breaks down the Matthew 18 principle that is not only relevant for adults, but for children as well.
  • Making Disciples Socially: Elementary Students Learn Life Skills in New Class

    What if children could prepare for adulthood and all that comes with it as early as kindergarten? This possibility has become a reality for Elementary students at Calvary Christian Academy with the introduction of a new Specials class. Learn how social-emotional learning is positively impacting students lives, preparing them for future success.

    “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” -Luke 2:52


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