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  • Middle School Musical Answers Deep Spiritual Questions

    Participating in the Fine Arts may look different for students this school year, but the show must go on! With new, innovative safeguards in place, Calvary Christian Academy’s Middle School Theatre students have been hard at work preparing a live musical for you and your family to enjoy. Mark your calendars for February 5-6 — Godspell JR is coming to CCA to share Jesus’ message of redemption, compassion, and love!
  • Better Together: 5 Ways To Support Someone's Mental Health Journey

    According to Mental Health America, the number of people living in the U.S. with a mental health condition such as anxiety and depression is currently at an all-time high (one in five people). It is likely that you will encounter one of these individuals in your social circle if you haven’t already, so knowing how to respond is critical. Edvardo Archer, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who recently spoke at CCA’s middle school chapel, shares five practical and healthy ways you can support, love, and lead those who are struggling mentally in 2021.
  • CCA Fort Lauderdale’s Top 5 Moments from 2020

    Despite the challenges 2020 brought us, it also allowed our school community to experience changes worthy of remembrance. Join us as we reflect and thank God for sustaining Calvary Christian Academy and giving us the opportunity to continue to Make Disciples — rain or shine.
  • 4 Lessons The 3 Wise Men Can Teach Us

    This Christmas, CCA’s Early Childhood Director Jan Lashbrook shares four spiritual takeaways we can glean from the wise men’s journey to see King Jesus. May we worship Him and give Him our very best like they did more than 2,000 years ago!
  • 3 Ways to Stay Connected With Jesus in 2021

    Growing closer to Jesus is a New Year’s resolution you’ll never regret. Sophia Rivera, a junior at Calvary Christian Academy, shares three practical ways we can develop spiritual disciplines that will help you experience the depths of His unconditional love — the only love that can truly satisfy our souls.
  • 3 Ways to Strengthen Your Servant Leadership

    During CCA’s high school Spiritual Emphasis Week (aka “Battle Week”) earlier this semester, Class of 2020 alumna and current Palm Beach Atlantic University student Samy Rodriguez shared an encouraging word with students in a virtual breakout session to expound upon this year’s Discipleship theme: LEAD. In this discussion and blog post, she points to Jesus’ example of servant leadership and presents three action steps that will help any Christian who desires to develop as a Kingdom-minded leader.
  • CCA Leadership Team Restructures to Further Advance, Develop, and Innovate

    COVID hasn’t stopped Calvary Christian Academy leaders from continuing to dream and plan for what God has in store for the school’s future. In order to increase opportunities for development and innovation while we continue to cultivate a healthy culture in a school of our size and scope of academic and extracurricular offerings, we have restructured our leadership team hierarchy. Read this blog post to learn about the new positions that have been created, who has been chosen to fill these roles, and which leaders will be transitioning into other new positions. The best is yet to come!
  • The 5 Ps of Digital Citizenship

    Since so much learning is taking place virtually these days, we wanted to share “The 5 Ps of Digital Citizenship” with you.

    We can honor God, our teachers, and our peers by the way we conduct ourselves online!

  • CCA Student-Athletes Wrap Up Successful Semester

    CCA Athletics has been blessed with the opportunity to safely resume athletic competition this semester, which has been met with great excitement by our students who have been eager to resume such activities. In this blog post, Athletics Director Keith Huisman discusses our discipleship-focused philosophy for athletics, shares team updates from this semester, and previews what lies ahead for the CCA Eagles on the court and field.
  • Thanking God in the Good Times and Bad

    As we approach a Thanksgiving that will likely look different for many families compared to years prior, CCA’s Early Childhood Director Jan Lashbrook reminds us that even during life’s unforeseen challenges and trials, God promises to take care of us. And for that reason, He deserves all of our praise and gratitude.
  • What Students Say on Social Media Matters to Colleges and Employers

    To post or not to post? That is the question. CCA’s upperclassmen School Counselors, Dr. Cliff Mack and Joan Ramsay, discuss the role social media plays in college admissions and employment opportunities, share cautionary tales, and equip parents with practical ways they can guide their children to use social media in a positive, constructive, and Christ-like manner.
  • Waiting Upon the Lord

    Have you ever prayed and sought the Lord but found yourself in a long stretch of waiting to hear from Him or waiting for Him to move? CCA high school English teacher and administrator Tara Fox shares what she’s learned throughout her life and is still learning about what it means to wait on the Lord — on His perfect timing and His perfect answers. Be encouraged in your seasons of waiting!
  • 7 Ways to Navigate Election Season

    Election Day is right around the corner — a fact that can be met with joy or dread depending on who you are. As Christians, how are we responding to the growing political tensions and approaching one of the most taboo topics of our time? Calvary Christian Academy’s Content Specialist, Alyssa Mendez, had the chance to sit down with Social Studies Department Chair, Richard Blatz, to discuss some drama-free ways we can approach politics, engage civically, and represent Christ well.
  • Parental Leadership: An Amazing Adventure

    With so many distractions surrounding us, how can we effectively lead our children and encourage them to focus on the firm foundation that is Jesus Christ? Early Childhood Director and parent Jan Lashbrook shares four letters of the alphabet that can help you model God-honoring behavior and point your child(ren) toward the greatest example of leadership that ever walked this Earth.
  • Are We Raising Screenagers? 5 Tips for Regulating Your Teen’s Screen Time

    Netflix’s release of the documentary The Social Dilemma has caused people to question the impact social media is having in the lives of adults and children. Although excessive social media use and screen time can stunt a child’s spiritual, academic, and social growth, we as parents have the power and tools necessary to educate and protect our children in this digital age. Join CCA’s Middle School Counselor Charisma Dougherty as she shares five practical ways parents can put healthy boundaries around their child(ren)’s screen time consumption.
  • Honoring the Past to Build The Future

    As Hispanic Heritage Month comes to an end, CCA’s International Student Program Director Naomi Dominguez Peyton shares the humble story of her grandparents’ immigration from Cuba to the United States. The fond memories and traditions they shared together as a tight-knit family developed her passion for other cultures — a trait that the Lord has used in her current role at our school to promote diversity and cultural awareness.
  • Teaching Holy Sexuality: 3 Types of Conversations to Guide Christian Parents

    Raising godly children in a highly sexualized culture can feel like a daunting task. However, having open and ongoing conversations with our children about God’s design for sexuality will not only create a strong biblical foundation and healthy understanding of His design, but also a stronger parent-child bond. CCA high school science teacher and administrator Laura Quinn shares three types of conversation approaches that can help parents break the ice with grace and love.
  • 5 Ways to Grow Your Faith During Times of Uncertainty

    With COVID-19 still being a reality this fall, keeping our eyes fixed on the Lord is more important now than ever. CCA senior Carolina Torres-Tello shares five ways you can remain strong and steady in your faith and recommends resources that have helped her in her own spiritual journey during this season.
  • What It Means to Receive and Give God’s Grace

    God’s favor in the form of undeserving grace is a gift — a gift that was meant to be shared with others who need it. In this blog post, Early Childhood Director Jan Lashbrook reminds us of the importance of extending God’s graciousness to our neighbors, especially during this challenging season. We have an opportunity to be a light in a dark place!
  • CCA Athletics Staff Discuss Recent Events and Appropriate Response

    How does one lead amidst the cultural tensions we are facing today as a nation? CCA School Counselor and JV Girls Head Basketball Coach, Dr. Cliff Mack, and CCA’s Athletics Director, Keith Huisman, met over the summer to engage in a respectful, constructive dialogue that not only resulted in mutual understanding, but also the decision to create of a safe environment this school year where student-athletes could share their unique experiences, actively listen, develop empathy and compassion, and become better unified in Christ. We invite you to read Dr. Mack and Mr. Huisman’s perspectives and takeaways from this God-honoring discussion.


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