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  • 7 Tips to Help Your Teen Have a Great School Year

    Parenting school-aged children starts to look different as they progress into middle and high school, leaving many parents wondering what their involvement should look like. CCA high school counselor Dr. Cliff Mack sheds some light by sharing seven ways parents can empower their teens to have a successful school year!
  • 5 Steps for Improving Your Child’s Focus and Concentration

    Finding more time in the day and making difficult tasks easier can be done when students are able to focus better. Help your child maximize homework and study time with Sensa Educational Systems’ five simple tips! Be sure to check out their SAT/ACT prep course (for rising CCA 11th-12th graders) and Success Skills course (for rising CCA 6th graders) that begin July 18; spots are still available!
  • Thinking Mathematically: 10 Summer Fun Activities Your Kids Will Love

    Math is present in the world around us and is often used to solve real-world problems. Yet, this subject continues to face diminishing proficiency among students nationwide. You can help stop this downward trend in its tracks by completing the CCA Summer Math Challenge presented in this article, which will challenge your child to think mathematically . . . without even realizing it!
  • Protecting Sheep from Wolves: A Christian Parent’s Guide to Online Safety

    With access to cell phones growing among children and teens, access to inappropriate/harmful material and exposure to strangers is also a growing concern for parents. Learn about the importance of online safety and how you can help your child(ren) safely navigate the web in this article that features wisdom from an FBI Special Agent.
  • 9 Budget-Friendly Summer Fun Ideas

    You can keep boredom at bay in your household this summer with these nine budget and family-friendly activities recommended by Jan Lashbrook, CCA’s Early Childhood Director. Check them out!
  • Senior Servant Leaders Honored as Silver Knight Nominees

    In CCA’s Class of 2022, six servant leaders were honored as Silver Knight nominees for recognizing needs in their communities and opportunities to be a light. Read about the high-impact projects they championed that have not only extended Christ’s love and compassion, but also reflected their uniqueness as the individuals He created them to be. Additionally, discover who was named an Honorable Mention winner!
  • Step Up for Students Scholarships Expand to Serve More Florida Families

    Affording private education can be a challenge for many families, but recent updates to the Step Up for Students scholarship program have made it possible for more families than ever before to qualify for one of their state scholarships. Learn if your family qualifies for a SUFS scholarship that is accepted by Calvary Christian Academy to potentially save thousands!
  • Thanking the Teacher-Ministers in our Midst

    As Teacher Appreciation Week 2022 comes to end, we invite you to hear the wonderful words our community has to say about CCA’s faculty and staff. Learn what it means for them to bless families as teacher-ministers and the opportunities that come along with this role. Interested in joining our staff family? Visit CCAEagles.org/Jobs to view available job openings.
  • Developing Digital Fluency (Part 7)

    Is your teenager always tired, yawning, or napping throughout the day? Surely, they’re too young to feel this way right? CCA’s High School Bible teacher Erik Most shares insight into why nearly 60% of GenZ students complain about tiredness and what you can do to make sure your growing adolescent is getting ample, quality sleep each night.
  • Stewards of the Sea: CCA Siblings Champion Ocean Conservation

    On this Earth Day, we’re honoring a CCA family who has gone above and beyond to faithfully steward the ocean God has entrusted us with. Learn how The Trash Pirates are protecting South Florida’s treasured beaches and join them tonight at Dania Beach from 5:00-7:00 PM for their Earth Day beach clean-up!
  • The Empty Tomb Provides Our Greatest Fulfillment

    As we conclude Holy Week, many throughout the world will reflect on the climactic events that took place some 2,000 years ago. And some may wonder why so many will marvel at the crucifixion of a Jewish peasant and the remarkable claims of His empty tomb.
  • Keeping Christ at the Center of Your Easter Celebrations

    Bunnies, candy, and eggs . . . oh my! While these Easter staples make the holiday memorable for children, there are equally fun ways we can elevate the true meaning of Easter. CCA’s Early Childhood Director, Jan Lashbrook, shares a few Jesus-centered activities and crafts you can do together as a family this Easter season that will plant seeds of faith in your little one’s heart while blessing yours. He is risen, friends!
  • Musical Shares the Secret to True Happiness

    Ever struggled with feelings of despair or loneliness? CCA’s production of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown will take you on an inspiring journey of faith, hope, and perseverance. Come be encouraged by this heartwarming, nostalgic production coming to the CCA Theatre April 8-9. Visit CCAEagles.org/CharlieBrown to purchase your tickets!
  • Seeds of Honor Sown at CCA Sophomore Retreat

    What does it look like to honor God and others? Tenth grade students from CCA’s Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale campuses recently unpacked this question together at their class retreat. Read about the various activities that took place, including one that resonated in a CCA alumna’s heart many years after the fact. Grab your tissues!
  • 6 Ways to Develop “Gritty” Kids

    As we’ve seen in the last few years, life can take unexpected twists and turns. You can help your child navigate tough times in life by helping him/her develop the character trait of grit. CCA’s Early Childhood Director Jan Lashbrook shares six simple ways you can do just that!
  • Developing Digital Fluency (Part 6)

    Have you met your child’s digital alter ego? CCA Bible teacher Erik Most continues his vlog series introducing the concept of digital schizophrenia that’s rooted in the longing for approval. Parents and mentors can help teens swim against this current by helping them develop their sense of self and find an authentic community that will also accept the person God created them to truly be.
  • Searching The Heart

    Each February, the American Heart Association brings awareness to the importance of maintaining heart health. Wouldn’t it behoove us to also evaluate the state of our spiritual heart regularly? Hear what CCA’s Elementary Principal Dawn Vitulli has to say about this topic and take her four-question heart check-up assessment!
  • It Takes a Village: Addressing Bullying as a Community Issue

    With bullying being a wide-spread, worldwide issue, we have to stop and ask ourselves, “how did we get to this point as a society?” Retired correctional officer and CCA 7th grade small group leader Lester Johnson – who recently conducted a bullying assembly for CCA’s Middle School students – unpacks this question and offers parents practical insight based on his experiences and the truth of Scripture.
  • On Mission in Mexico: Three Students’ Testimonies

    As Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale celebrates Missions Week 2022, we wanted to honor the 11th and 12th grade CCA student missionaries who recently traveled to Mexico for their class mission trip. After hearing their heartfelt testimonies, may you be encouraged to one day send your child on a mission trip and go on one yourself so that Jesus Christ’s name would be known around the world that He so loves.
  • The Complete SAT/ACT Prep Guide for Parents

    With thousands of colleges in the U.S. transitioning to test-optional or test-blind policies, many high school parents have been left wondering if their child should still take the SAT/ACT. Hear what CCA’s Lead School Counselor, Will Ortiz, has to say on the matter and how your child can best prepare for these standardized tests.


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