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  • Homebound Activities

    Whether you're looking for an activities to do with your child(ren) or ones they can do independently, CCA's Early Childhood Director Jan Lashbrook has got you covered! Check out the variety of activities she recommends for parents of little ones.
  • Hope in a Troubled World

    Jan Lashbrook, CCA’s Early Childhood Program Director, reminds us that despite our circumstances, we can still find hope in the Prince of Peace — our omniscient and omnipotent helper.
  • Acting with Autism: A Backstage Pass to a Theatre Student’s Transformation

    World Theatre Day and World Autism Awareness Day are only days apart from each other, and perhaps this isn’t a coincidence. We invite you to read the journey of how God used theatre in a powerful way in the life of a CCA middle school student diagnosed with autism.
  • CCA’s Coronavirus Updates

    Following federal, state, and local social distancing extensions, Calvary Christian Academy will continue distance learning through May 1. This date is subject to change to a later date to reflect new government guidelines, should they arise. Please continue to check this page for updates.

  • Fasting: Teaching Kids Spiritual Disciplines

    During this season of Lent leading up to Easter Sunday and as we navigate through this period of social distancing, consider leading your family through a spiritual fast with the practical tips noted in this article, which was originally published by Lifeway. Let’s not only teach our kids how to fast, but also help them understand why this is something we do as followers of Jesus Christ.
  • 5 Ways to Encourage Reverent Wonder and Curiosity in Children

    Extra downtime can serve as a way to connect in newfound ways and gain a fresh perspective as a family. CCA Math Teacher Laura Beth Hendry shares five ways parents can spur their child(ren)’s mind toward creativity, curiosity, and reverent wonder toward the things God has perfectly created and orchestrated.
  • 4 Characteristics of a God-Honoring Digital Citizen

    During this period of social distancing that has resulted in web-based learning for many schools, here are four characteristics students can embody to serve as good digital citizens and Christian witnesses in their virtual classrooms.
  • 5 Tips for a Successful Distance Learning Experience

    As teachers and staff around the U.S. and world plan and prepare for distance learning, CCA high school English teacher and parent Stephanie Saavedra shares five helpful tips that will help parents create a productive educational environment for their child(ren). Remember, we are all in this together!
  • Sensory Items: Therapeutic Tools for Children and Adults Alike

    Did you know that we have a hidden sense? CCA’s Secondary ESE Coordinator Lourdes Zarro shares how this sense affects our day-to-day lives and how it responds to weighted sensory products, which can have a calming effect for people struggling with anxiety, stress, attentional deficits, or insomnia.
  • CCA Community Stands Together Amidst Loss of Middle School Student

    As CCA grieves the loss of one of our eighth grade students who took his own life, we wanted to equip parents with various resources that will help them walk alongside their child as they grieve, discuss the suicide crisis today’s teens are battling, and recognize the warning signs. Join us as we pray for the Lord to be close to the brokenhearted.
  • How to Help Your Child Keep Their Christian Faith

    Just the other day, I ran into a neighbor while taking an evening walk with my wife. As we small talked and caught up, he shared that his teenage daughter who had recently left for college stopped going to church. She said that she was tired of the judgement and the fakeness.
  • Black History Month: Relevant for all Races

    CCA’s Director of Academics Dr. Mike Hill, High School Counselor Dr. Clifford Mack, and High School English Teacher Mrs. Shawnteria Mack, M.Ed share the heart behind Black History Month and encourage people of all races to partake in this celebration of Black culture, achievements, and history.
  • Love is a Verb: 10 Relational Needs You Can Meet in Your Marriage and Household

    When needs are met, we feel loved. This Valentine’s Day, you can gift your spouse and/or child(ren) with greater awareness and receptivity toward their emotional and relational needs. You won’t be able to find this gift at your neighborhood Walgreens, but thankfully Lisa May, Executive Director of Live the Life South Florida, is here to share how you can prioritize this in your relationships.
  • CCA Musical Explores Human Struggles and Heavenly Solutions

    Shrek and Jesus have more in common than you think. Our middle school theatre teacher Jennifer Pedraza shares how CCA’s upcoming production of Shrek The Musical JR. points to Jesus and the acceptance we can experience in His Kingdom as His followers.
  • Students Put the Passion in Compassion Overseas

    Photo credit: Collin Dobbs (CCA Sophomore)

    Who says mission trips are only for adults? God did a mighty work in the lives of our 8th and 11th grade students who traveled to the Bahamas and Mexico this past month because they’re enthusiastically all-in for Jesus. CCA teachers and administrators Mr. Mayo, Ms. Quinnell, and Ms. Fox share the heart behind these student mission trips and the impact they had.
  • CCA Thespians Soar at Recent District Festivals

    Last semester, our middle and high school Thespian troupes illuminated for Jesus by earning the highest ratings and distinctions that can be earned in the competition! CCA’s Fine Arts Production Coordinator and Thespian Director, Katlyn Cervone, shares the riveting results and why theatre education matters.
  • New Year, New You | A Renewed Vision on Health and Fitness

    As you work toward discovering and living out your God-given potential this new year, the Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale Fitness Ministry encourages you to approach such development from a holistic perspective that encompasses spiritual, mental, and physical health.
  • Is It The Cold or The Flu?

    The cold and flu can present similar symptoms, but there are differences parents should be aware of. Our local HCA East Florida Hospitals are here to help our school community navigate this flu season with important information. Let’s start 2020 on a healthy and happy note!
  • Grit: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

    What character trait is said to be one of the most important in determining your child’s future success? Elementary principal, Renie Contento shares the research and three, seemingly counterintuitive ways we can help our kids even more this year!
  • The Path to Peace

    We all have been told that it is the most wonderful time of the year, but is it? More importantly, does God desire this time to be wonderful, full of peace? I truly believe so. Here's why.


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