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Fostering a godly character and growing independence.

Many of us can look back at our preteen years and remember feeling a little out of our element. We don’t want that for our students. At CCA, our faculty and staff partner with parents to help middle schoolers discover their security in Christ. Through attentive care, challenging curriculum, extracurricular activities in athletics and arts, and weekly biblical chapel services, your child will be equipped spiritually, academically, and socially to be a champion of the Gospel. We provide seasonal spiritual retreats and conferences that will encourage your student to dive deeper into their faith, as well as opportunities to serve in the community.

“In Him all things consist.” —Colossians 1:17
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Academic Departments

The clear teaching of God's Word is the foundation for all other learning. At CCA, we teach our students to understand God's Word and to apply it to all subjects, and to all areas of their lives.

From Bible, Science, English, Social Studies, and Math to Fine Arts and Technology, our vision and mission is the same: to make disciples of Jesus Christ, though a biblical environment that prepares students to glorify God.

Middle School Curriculum

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  • Academics

    Students receive a wide learning experience through core courses of mathematics, language arts, social studies, Bible, and science, as well as Spanish, art, computers, physical education, performing arts and inspiring electives. Middle school students have many opportunities for advanced courses and curricula. These courses can be found in the Middle School Course Guide.

    Our facilities include fully networked computer labs and a library/media center. In addition, the middle school curriculum features survey courses in performing arts, ministry, and communications. Our middle school students are challenged to demonstrate their desire to walk in Christ and point others in His direction as they prepare to enter high school.
  • Discipleship and Biblical Integration

    CCA’s middle school is a place where students are challenged to grow and mature in their relationship with Christ and their peers. The middle school program actively engages a student’s potential energy and abilities through a biblical worldview curriculum that integrates God’s Word with academic content and discipleship. Attention is devoted to teaching lifelong relationship skills as well as study skills in preparation for excellence in academic achievement at the high school level.

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  • Penny Beal 

    Middle School Principal
    (954) 905-5133
  • Daniel Talpesh 

    Middle School Assistant Principal
    (954) 905-5161
  • Beverly Molina 

    Upper School Teacher & Assistant Administrator
    (954) 905-5236
  • Christina Williams 

    Middle School Counselor
    (954) 905-5125
  • Martin Fanning 

    Upper School Teacher & Middle School Discipleship
  • Lourdes Zarro 

    Upper School ESE Director
    (954) 905-5149

Discipleship Conference Recap


Curriculum Details

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