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Creativity gives us a glimpse of who God is, our awesome Creator. We believe in developing students’ creative gifts and providing opportunities for them to flourish. From Preschool through High school, our comprehensive Fine Arts program includes band, chorus, dance, film and media, theatre, and art. Each discipline offers membership in honor societies and opportunities to compete at the district and state level. Additionally, high school students may choose to apply to for the Fine Arts Endorsement programs.
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The CCA Dance Program combines an emphasis on ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance with a mission of outreach. We train middle school and high school students to perform with grace and excellence, focusing on stage presence as well as technique. Our program produces a major production each year with a powerful theme.


Students at CCA have the opportunity to grow and exercise musical gifts at every grade level. From voice to trumpet, our attentive and talented faculty helps each student find their song. Music education begins in pre-kindergarten with an introduction to rhythm, tone production, creating music, and singing. As students advance through elementary school, instruction includes choral singing, Orff and Kodaly training, and recorder, as well as band instrumental instruction. At the secondary level, students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement courses in Music Theory and dive deeper in electives such as band and chorus. Students have the opportunity to perform in the Carnegie Hall Honors Ensembles, local orchestral groups, and CCA performances.

Sing to Him a new song; Play skillfully with a shout of joy.” —Psalm 33:3


We believe theatre education provides students with fundamental skills necessary for leaders in the workplace. That’s why drama classes begin in the elementary school curriculum. Students are taught the fundamentals of performing in front of an audience, theatre etiquette, reading comprehension, and how to share the Gospel through acting.

  • Drama elective courses are available in both middle school and high school. Subject matter in these courses includes voice and movement, pantomime, stage-craft, directing, improvisation, theatre history, theatre technology, and much more. 
  • Both middle school and high school students have the opportunity to compete at the district and state levels.
  • Middle school students can participate in the Junior Thespian Society, Individual Events competitions, and the annual middle school full-length production.
  • High school students may audition for our Theatre Arts Endorsement program, participate in the Thespian One Act and Individual Events competitions, and earn points toward becoming members of the International Thespian Society.
  • Yearly performances for high school students include a Fall play and Spring musical.


We are proud to say that CCA has one of the most successful high school film programs in Florida. Our classes give students hands-on, project-based instruction in storytelling, producing, directing, cinematography, and video editing. We seek to champion the potential in each and every student and provide opportunities for them to explore their talents. With state of the art facilities and technology, and experienced faculty, our students have produced amazing work. Film students participate in an annual CCA film showcase and have historically featured their projects in festivals and competitions across the country.

Whatever you do, do it heartily, as if for the Lord, and not for men.” —Colossians 3:23


Art exploration begins in the very earliest years at CCA, as all elementary students receive art instruction as part of their curriculum. In middle school, students can choose general art courses as electives, and in high school they can diversify into individual elements such as painting, drawing, and ceramics.

We offer a wide variety of courses to develop the young artist's God-given talents. Students seeking to continue their studies beyond the high school experience are given greater exposure to various content areas in the art field and the opportunity to develop personal study and a comprehensive portfolio. The program allows further inquiry and personal expression, using different techniques in two- and three-dimensional media.


CCA's Fine Arts Endorsement track is designed to identify and then develop the God-given gifts and talents of students in high school, while preparing them to enter a post high school program, institution, or college of higher learning to further develop their skills and ultimately use their talents to glorify God.

Endorsement tracks are offered in Dance, Music, Film Production, Theatre, and Visual Art. Intended to provide qualified students with an educationally and artistically rigorous curriculum that helps them fulfill their potential in the arts, this program affords them an expanded course structure not offered to the general student, and helps them to prepare for specialized studies in their area of interest. This will, in turn, lead to increased potential for school-to-career path exploration, college admission and scholarship opportunities.

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