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Providing opportunities for students to succeed.

We believe that all children are endowed with special gifts from God. When provided with opportunities for success, they will experience the joy of learning. CCA offers multiple student support programs to cater to the unique needs of students that meet our admissions criteria.

We care about the unique needs of your child. To determine if CCA is the right place for your family, please contact our ESE directors.

ESE Mainstream Program

For admission to CCA’s ESE mainstream program, documentation of learning differences is required. A high school applicant must have a current Psychological Evaluation from within the last 3 years. Students should achieve FSA/FAST scores of Level 3-5 in two out of the three tested areas or a minimum of the 40th national percentile in two of the following areas: Total Reading, Total Math, and Total Language as indicated by their most recent achievement test such as the Terra Nova Achievement Test, the Iowa Achievement Test, or other nationally normed standardized achievement test.

Applying students meeting these academic requirements may be enrolled at the discretion of the Academy. See further program descriptions below.

VE Program

For admissions into our Varying Exceptionalities (VE) program, which serves the student that requires learning in a self-contained environment, contact the ESE Director at your child’s grade level. This program is designed for the student with a learning difference and not for the student with behavioral difficulties. See further description below.


Elementary Director

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  • Pamela Walker 

    Lower School ESE Director
    (954) 905-5219

Secondary Director

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  • Lourdes Zarro 

    Upper School ESE Director
    (954) 905-5149


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  • Child Study

    If a student is having academic or behavioral difficulties, a child study is initiated to help meet the needs of the student. By collecting assessment and observational data on a student, a team will develop an intervention plan to best meet the needs of the student. A follow up meeting is scheduled to discuss progress and any needs for further interventions.
  • Student Support Tutoring Program (Elementary only)

    This program is designed to assist students who need reinforcement of math, reading, and language concepts with the goal of helping all students achieve success in their own classes. A variety of resources are used to help each child reach their learning potential through small tutoring groups. Students involved in this program will be pulled from their regular classroom for their tutoring session in the Student Support Room. Scheduled sessions will be determined after discussion with the child’s parents and teacher. Sessions are approximately 40 minutes in length. The cost per group session (maximum of 4 students) is $30. An individual session is $50. This will be billed to your CCA account. Sessions are filled based on need and availability.
  • Speech and Language Program

    The goal of this program is to assist the students at Calvary Christian Academy to communicate properly and effectively. If a student has already been evaluated and is in need of speech and language therapy or if a student needs an evaluation, we can meet their needs. The evaluation fee is $125. This fee includes the comprehensive evaluation, a written report, a review of the report with parents, classroom teacher and the Exceptional Student Education Coordinator. If it is determined that the student would benefit from therapy, then the parent, the classroom teacher, the ESE Coordinator and the Speech and Language Pathologist will work together to determine scheduling. Therapy sessions are approximately 40 minutes in length. Students will be pulled from their regular classroom during non-academic time for their therapy session. The cost per group session (maximum of 4 students) is $30. An individual session is $50. This will be billed to your CCA account.
  • Teacher Assistant/Academic Support

    An Academic Support Coach provides the highest level of individualized assistance offered to a student by working with their parents and teachers co-laboring and maximizing a student’s success spiritually, academically, and socially. The assistant interacts with the classroom teacher, staff, faculty, church staff and parents to meet the needs of the student. The cost of this program is $2,000 per block.
  • Learning Enrichment Lab

    Essential Learning Systems (ELS) is used to focus on the very core of learning problems, faulty sensory processing, to capitalize the brain’s ability to develop more fluid pathways for automatic recognition, retention, recall, and information; pathways that are usually underdeveloped in students.
  • Learning Strategies Class (Secondary only)

    Students who benefit from a directed studies approach will receive instructional modules on various life skills while applying “All Kinds of Minds” strategies. Students meet individually as needed to review their academic requirements and have time to work on current assignments with assistance as needed.
  • Standard Classes for Math and Language Arts (Secondary only)

    Standard classes provide student support in the core subjects focusing on the same concepts and skills as General Education courses. The differences in the program occur in the method of instruction and in assessment of students. Curriculum is taught through a multi-sensory approach based on the student's’ learning profile covering the same basic concepts but is taught using different methods of instruction and assessment.
  • Varying Exceptionalities Classroom

    This classroom is designed to meet the individual needs of students with varying exceptionalities such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, and other physical and mental disabilities. An Individual Student Support Plan is written to address each student’s unique needs and a specialized curriculum is created to enhance their ability to communicate, socialize, function independently, and introduce prevocational skills. The students in the VE classroom are working toward a certificate of completion. Click HERE to view the current Tuition and Fee schedule.

Individualized strategies might emphasize:
  • Test–Taking Skills
  • Learning Habits
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Goal-setting
  • Organization
    • ESE Classroom


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