Celebrating Our Bold Seniors

Steve Mayo
The CCA Baccalaureate Ceremony is a time for students, parents, and faculty to pause and reflect on what God has done in and through the graduating class.

As teachers and administrators, one of our greatest joys is to watch our students walk across the stage at commencement ceremony. So much has been building toward this moment. How many lunches packed, loads of laundry, and late-night study sessions did it take to get here? Not to mention, hundreds of thousands of hours in the classroom as well as countless early mornings spent piling into the car. It’s crazy how fast time flies.

Parents, you know this well. Like you, many of us have had the privilege of seeing some of these students go from learning their ABCs to now preparing to study at some of the best colleges in the nation. That’s why each graduation season we take a moment to pause and reflect at our Baccalaureate ceremony. It’s an opportunity for students to reflect on their journey and give thanks to God for all that He has accomplished in and through them over the years.

Our hope is that students would spread the name of Jesus Christ as they go into any college, activity, and future vocation...
The spiritual theme for this school year was “Bold” based off of Psalm 138:3—”In the day that I cried out, You answered me and made me bold with strength in my soul.” At our final night of the Senior Retreat, many of the students talked about how they learned to be bold in sharing their faith and to not be afraid to step out and represent Christ. They also talked about they aspired as a class to embody Matthew 5:13-16 and "shine as lights" in a dark world. Our hope is that students would spread the name of Jesus Christ as they go into any college, activity, and future vocation and not be afraid to represent Him as ambassadors of a life-changing faith.

Steve Mayo serves as the Director of Discipleship at CCA. In his role as director of youth discipleship he also assists in overseeing the CCFL six78 and HSM ministries. He and his wife Morgan have three children, Titus, Quincy, and Maxwell, who all attend CCA.
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