5 Ways to Pray for Missionaries

Steve Mayo
One of the best ways to support missionaries is through prayer!

All around the world there are Christians who have traveled to foreign cultures to share the love of God. Many students from CCA join this effort by embarking on one of our annual secondary international missions trips. 11th grade students travel to Mexico and 8th grade students travel to the Bahamas. Students spend a week partnering with local ministries, sharing the gospel, serving communities, and participating in humanitarian work.

These trips are life-giving and life-changing experiences for these young adults. In many ways they are the capstone of what we do here at CCA at the secondary level. They allow students to put feet to their faith and share the love of Jesus with many who have never heard the gospel in a meaningful way. Perhaps your son or daughter may be one of the students who is there right now!
Let us pray for our missionaries everywhere to be bold and share with passion!
One of the best ways to support missionaries, in addition to providing financial assistance, is through prayer! Here are five ways to pray for your missionary friends and our students on the field:
  1. Pray for Effectiveness
    More than anything, pray that our missionaries communicate the truth of the gospel and sow seeds of God’s love.

  2. Pray for Focus
    It can be easy to become distracted (even in a foreign country), so pray that missionaries can eliminate distractions and be focused on the people God has placed in front of them.

  3. Pray for Boldness
    Fear about how a message will be received can sometimes hinder people from sharing. Many students gain a passion for evangelism from going on the CCA mission trips, but overcoming the fear of talking to a stranger about Christ can be difficult. Let us pray for our missionaries everywhere to be bold and share with passion!

  4. Pray for Change
    Pray for change in the hearts of the people missionaries are serving, and change in the hearts of the missionaries themselves as God reveals things to them personally.

  5. Pray for Provision
    We often pray for provision because we want our children to be safe wherever they go. A mission trip can become discouraging when you’re tired or you aren’t feeling your best, so we also need to pray for God to provide protection in this way as well!

James 5:16 says, “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” As you pray, trust that God hears you and is growing His Kingdom!


Steve Mayo serves as the Director of Discipleship at CCA. In his role as director of youth discipleship he also assists in overseeing the CCFL six78 and HSM ministries. He and his wife Morgan have three children, Titus, Quincy, and Maxwell, who all attend CCA.
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