Students are Fast-Tracking their Careers through Extracurriculars

Nia Hendricks
Participating in student clubs can completely elevate the high school experience. Learn how HOSA has greatly impacted CCA Senior Danielle Gonzalez.

Clubs allow students to zero-in on interests, provide leadership opportunities, and give students access to field-related college scholarships. With over 30 active clubs on campus, Calvary Christian Academy high school students have a wide variety of experiences to explore.

On Saturday, January 26th, CCA’s HOSA club students took part in the annual Broward County winter regional conference and competition at Boyd Anderson High School. Several of our students performed well and have qualified to participate at the state competition in late March. CCA seniors Eliana Burgos, Danielle Gonzalez, Grace Hicks, and Luke Jewett placed second in the HOSA Bowl competition and Samantha Rodriguez, a junior, came in first place in the Physical Therapy competition. All of these students have qualified to compete in the state competition in Orlando. Also, an honorable mention to seniors Luis Medina and Jackson Thieman for placing fifth in the Forensic Science competition.

Senior and HOSA Vice President, Danielle Gonzalez, shares how HOSA-Future Health Professionals (formerly known as Health Occupations Students of America) has prepared her to pursue her calling, pediatrics and leadership.

CCA: What is HOSA? How does it prepare students for a career in the health/medical field?
Danielle Gonzalez: HOSA is an international student organization that promotes health care and medical career opportunities by allowing students to participate in career-oriented events. By participating in competitive events based on various medical and health professions, students have the opportunity to practice real-life scenarios and learn more about the careers they are interested in.
"HOSA has helped me better understand my STEM classes and the important role medical and health professionals play in people’s lives."
CCA: How has HOSA affected you personally—spiritually, academically, and socially?
DG: Spiritually, HOSA has allowed me to have a deeper understanding of my career path and what God has planned for me in the medical field in the future. Participating in the club has allowed me to apply for various college scholarships that are exclusive to HOSA members. It has also helped me better understand my STEM classes and the important role medical and health professionals play in people’s lives.

Finally, HOSA has allowed me to learn leadership skills and connect with other CCA students with the same interests as me. As Vice President of HOSA, I’ve been able to learn how to lead a large group of people in a way that engages and connects all of our members. I have also been able to connect with my other HOSA leadership members, as well as all of our club members, and make strong friendships.
CCA: What is the most challenging and most rewarding part of HOSA?
DG: At first, the most challenging part of being on the HOSA leadership team was making sure CCA students were encouraged to join the club. Most people don’t seem to want to spend their lunch period on an academic club. However, with 57 devoted members this year I couldn’t be happier with the turn out! The most rewarding part for me is being able to hold a leadership position and hearing the positive feedback from members on how engaging and strong our leadership team is this year.

CCA: How will you apply your experience with HOSA after you leave CCA?
DG: After graduating from CCA, I plan on majoring in Biology and minoring in Leadership to eventually go into the medical field and become a pediatrician. My experience from HOSA has allowed me to learn more about the medical careers I’m interested in, and reassure the path God has planned for me.
"I’ve been able to learn how to lead a large group of people in a way that engages and connects all of our members."
CCA: Why are student clubs important in general?
DG: Student clubs are important as they allow students from different backgrounds and ages to come together and fellowship over a common interest. This allows students to create strong relationships and feel like they are more connected to the CCA Community.

CCA: Why would you recommend HOSA?
DG: I would recommend HOSA because it has been amazing to see how God has been able to work through CCA students because of this club. Between winning competitions, giving students scholarship opportunities, and allowing students to build relationships, HOSA has greatly impacted the CCA community.

It’s never too late (or too early) for your student to get involved in a club that peaks their interest! Parents, encourage your child to explore their options and apply themselves. They may grow new friendships and add experiences to their resume that make them stand out when they apply to colleges. Learn more about CCA’s student life.
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