6 Florida Scholarships to Help You Customize Your Child’s Education

Nia Hendricks
Find funding that will empower you to tailor your child's education.

It’s important for families to have options when it comes to choosing a school for their child. Unfortunately, funding a private education or switching to a different public school can be a challenge. Thankfully, there are a few scholarship programs that exist to help families gain access to different options. Here are six scholarships for K-12th grade students in Florida:

  1. Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (Accepted at CCA and CCA Hollywood)
    Available to students in K–12 in both public and private schools, this is an income-based scholarship. Families who receive full or partial scholarships can allocate funds toward tuition and fees at qualifying private schools, or toward transportation costs to attend a public school in a different district. The application is hosted exclusively by Step Up For Students.

  2. Folds of Honor (Accepted at CCA)
    The Folds of Honor Foundations provides financial support for families of fallen or disabled veterans. Their Children’s Scholarship Fund is available for K–12th grade private school students or students enrolled in a tutoring program.

  3. Hope Scholarship (Accepted at CCA and CCA Hollywood)
    If your child has experienced bullying or is a victim of violence on a public school campus or school-related function, he or she may be eligible for the Hope Scholarship. This scholarship provides funding for students to be transported to another public school in the same or a different district, or to an eligible private school.

  4. Gardiner Scholarship (Accepted at CCA and CCA Hollywood)
    This is a scholarship designated for students with special needs and unique abilities. The Gardiner Scholarship differs from other state scholarships — it empowers parents to personalize the education of children with unique abilities by allowing them to direct money toward a combination of programs and approved providers including therapists, specialists, and more. This scholarship is currently exclusively administered through Step Up For Students. It’s worth noting that funds are distributed first come, first serve, and priority is given first to renewal students.

  5. McKay Scholarship (Accepted at CCA and CCA Hollywood)
    The McKay Scholarship is available to support eligible students with disabilities in public and private schools. There are specific requirements regarding eligibility and a screening is required for the application process.

  6. Reading Scholarship
    Reading Scholarship Accounts are available for public schools students in Florida in grades 3–5 who tested low on statewide Language Arts related tests the prior year. This credit can be put toward tutoring, learning materials, and programs that will increase their aptitude.

Each of these have their own eligibility requirements, deadlines, and applications. Be sure to carefully read through the information provided on the websites and gather the materials necessary. Some are distributed first come, first serve, so you’ll want to apply as soon as you can. CCA is proud to participate in many of the scholarships listed above. We believe economic diversity enriches communities and that every child should have options when it comes to their education. So, be encouraged — support is out there!
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