An American Dream Come True

By: Carolina Torres-Tello, Rising CCA Senior
As America gets ready to celebrate Independence Day, rising CCA senior Carolina Torres-Tello shares how God was faithful to her family during times of uncertainty when they lived in South America. She recounts the opportunities and privileges she’s able to enjoy here in the U.S. We invite you to also reflect upon the blessings you’re grateful for and thank the Lord for His sovereign provision.

When the 4th of July approaches every year, I begin to look forward to proudly wearing red, white, and blue. The liberty that is celebrated on this holiday holds a special place in my heart, because at one point, it was jeopardized for my family.

Before I was born, my parents lived in Venezuela — a country that was once prosperous until the government took a turn. My parents were surrounded by fear. They couldn’t even go to the movies without feeling the trepidation of being robbed. The supermarkets scarcely sold groceries and goods anymore, and that’s when my dad made a decision.
My parents were surrounded by fear. They couldn’t even go to the movies without feeling the trepidation of being robbed.
Because he didn’t want his children to be born and raised in a country that was experiencing such turmoil, he and my mom decided to uproot themselves and move to the United States.

Many years later, after the birth of my brother and I, and my parents’ conversion to Christianity, they decided to become U.S. citizens. It wasn’t until my freshman year of high school that we all attended the naturalization ceremony, and they were sworn in as American citizens. This day marked a momentous milestone for our family.

As my brother and I sat watching our parents getting sworn in, feelings of excitement and pride swelled within me. Once the final words were spoken and the new citizens waved their flags, the entire room erupted with cheering and applause. I embraced both of my parents and congratulated them. Exiting the double doors of the embassy that day symbolized the beginning of a new future for all of us — a wide open door of possibility.
Exiting the double doors of the embassy that day symbolized the beginning of a new future for all of us — a wide open door of possibility.
God has blessed my family and I with so many opportunities here in this country. Had my dad not taken the risk of leaving the familiar life he and my mother had built in Venezuela, my brother and I would have been born into very different circumstances. One opportunity I’m especially grateful for is receiving a private Christian education at CCA, which is preparing me and my peers to become leaders for Jesus Christ and in whatever vocation He calls us into.

I am thankful to lack nothing here. I have shelter over my head, air conditioning to keep me cool, stores to buy necessities and anything I could ever desire. But even if I didn’t have these comforts, God would still be good because He is my portion forever (Psalm 73:26). He is a God who upholds our lives by giving us everything we need, even if may not make sense to us or align with what we want:
“And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.” -Philippians 4:19
So this Independence Day, I encourage you to carve out some time to thank the Lord for the freedoms, privileges, and blessings you may take for granted and for the salvation He has freely gifted everyone who would receive it, which is the greatest freedom of all.

Carolina Torres-Tello is a rising senior at Calvary Christian Academy. She has attended the school since first grade. Her father is a graphic designer for CCA, her brother will be starting his freshman year at the school, and her mother is a stay-at-home mom. She has a love for reading, drawing, and writing.
  • Mike McConnell
    Dear Carolina: Your Mom & Dad’s shirts must be bursting at the seams with grateful pride. President Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom has a flavor that the protected will never know, Marines don’t have that problem.” Your family does not have that problem either. You are taught the word & doctrine in school both areas of study are vital. One thing is missing with that, the knowledge of God (knowledge of knowing God). I encourage you to use the Greatest Commandment as your guide in these endeavors. Check out Jeremiah 9:23-24 & look for the precious jewel of boasting is & what delights God’s own heart. Memorize & study Proverbs 2:1-5, Hosea 6:6, & Ephesians 1:17-19. Pray Ephesians 1:17-19 over yourself daily. Fall in love with God all over again each day. This old Marine is grateful for you & your family making America a better place because y’all are here. Semper Fi, Mike McConnell Oak Ridge TN

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