CCA Alumnus Reimagines Primary Care in South Florida

In recognition of National Doctors' Day, learn how Dr. John Jones, a CCA graduate from the Class of 2012, is impacting the South Florida community with his innovative, patient-centered approach as a primary care physician.

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Dr. John Jones is a doctor and a visionary.

After graduating from CCA in 2012, it was his dream to pursue a medical profession. He chased his passion as he graduated from the University of Florida with his undergraduate degree and completed medical school at Nova Southeastern University, where he grew to love the mission of primary care.

Dr. John quickly became mission minded as he walked through life with patients and provided the care they needed. As a young doctor, Dr. John recognized that the traditional model of primary care prioritized the interests of insurance companies rather than patients or doctors. He found costs continued to increase as patients received poorer care.
He knew there needed to be a systematic change.
Along with his wife, Gabrielle Jones (who is a nurse practitioner), Dr. John opened Volta Direct Primary Care, a family clinic in Pompano Beach, Florida. Together, they serve patients of all ages and use the direct primary care model in order to change the patient experience.

Volta means “a turning point” when translated from Italian, and the clinic’s mission is to be a turning point for primary care. The doctor’s incentive is not about seeing as many patients as possible, but to provide excellent care.

Dr. John uses this distinctive model to help patients by:

  • Creating a monthly subscription for direct payment (no copay or deductible)
  • Giving patients access to call, text, and email their providers
  • Providing access to telemedicine and in-person visits on an as-needed basis
  • Purchasing medications in-house to reduce prescription costs
  • Negotiating with labs to reduced cost of tests for Volta patients

Not only is Dr. John’s vision patient-based, but it is also community based. This past December, Volta DPC hosted A Very Volta Christmas, which involved a toy drive, writing letters for families who are victims of human trafficking, and activities for children such as pictures with Santa and a fire truck visit.
The confidence he gained from extracurricular activities such as musical theatre, choir, and the worship team during his time as a CCA student aided his entrepreneurial journey in the medical field.
“CCA taught me the importance of being bold and having the faith to follow my convictions,” Dr. John said. “Without its foundation, I don’t know if we would be in this position today.”

Dr. John credits Laura Quinn, CCA high school discipleship director and long-time STEM teacher, with fostering his love for science; Mr. Mayo, his small group leader, for being a role model; and every teacher he engaged with for leaving a lasting impact.

We’re grateful for Dr. John and all physicians like him who care for others with excellence. It is a blessing to see our brothers and sisters in Christ being used by God to administer healing.

To learn more about how CCA’s Alumni department connects graduates to each other and to Jesus Christ, visit

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