School Clubs: Time Well Spent

By: Madison Manuel, 12th grade student
Feeling like your time has been wasted can be frustrating, not just for adults, but for teens as well. However, there are many things worth investing time in – school, family, church, hobbies… and clubs! Madison Manuel, a 12th grade student at CCA Fort Lauderdale, shares the benefits that school clubs have to offer students and highlights clubs offered across CCA’s campuses.

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Busyness isn't exclusive to just adults. Between doing homework, going to school, attending social outings, and participating in other activities, teenagers also have a lot on their plates to balance. This might lead them to believe that getting involved in clubs can’t fit into their schedules or are not worth the time.

However, getting involved in school clubs has many benefits, which makes the time investment worthwhile! Clubs give students the opportunity to:

  • Explore new interests
  • Build a sense of community
  • Work in a team environment
  • Impact their community
  • Strengthen their time management
  • Gain a sense of responsibility
  • Earn community service hours
  • Strengthen college applications

Clubs at CCA

Clubs are just one of the many ways Calvary Christian Academy endeavors to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Not only do the club’s faculty advisors help students develop their interests, but they also help them view these interests from a biblical perspective. This means that students learn how to glorify and honor God with the gifts they are developing and the knowledge they are gaining.

All students are encouraged to explore the different clubs offered at CCA and see which one(s) best suit them. Whether a student is interested in chess, culture, fine arts, science, technology, or community service, students have many opportunities to find a new passion or strengthen a current one.

Continue reading to learn about unique clubs that are impacting students’ lives across all of CCA’s campuses.

Playing Fair is the Best

Upper School Chess Club | CCA Fort Lauderdale

Chess Club meets every other Wednesday after school and is overseen by high school teacher Mrs. Kathryn Coury. She decided to start the chess club three years ago to give Middle and High School students a fun space to play.

Mrs. Coury believes that chess encourages students to live like Jesus and develop analytical skills. Through this club, students like sixth grader Brenden Llanes have learned a lot about sportsmanship.

“Quality is better than quantity, which means that how you play is better than how many times you win. It is better to play fair and be kind and lose than to be mean and win,” said Brenden.
"Quality is better than quantity, which means that how you play is better than how many times you win.”
Students have also been able to develop their social skills and step out of their comfort zone through this club. Senior Ben Korkis said that being involved in Chess Club has helped him become less competitive and view it as a chance to meet someone new.

Seeing Christ in Creation

High School Creationist Society Club | CCA Fort Lauderdale

The Creationist Society – founded by 10th grade student Aiden Seagrave and overseen by Mrs. Elycia Seagrave – is one of the newest clubs offered at CCA Fort Lauderdale that is open to all High School students on this campus. The club partners with the Deerfield Beach-based Creationist Studies Institute, which promotes the biblical foundation of creation through different schools worldwide.

During their monthly club meetings, students have the opportunity to hear from guest speakers as they discuss creation from both a creationist and evolutionist perspective. Students are free to ask questions to help them better understand the two different viewpoints. Through this club, students gain the biblical tools they need to stand firm in their faith for when they go out into the world.
“. . . how can you fight against something you know nothing about?”
When asked why he brought this club to CCA, Aiden said, “Some students barely know anything about the theory of evolution. So if that is the case, how can you fight against something you know nothing about?”

Wired Up For Internet Safety

Technology Club | CCA Hollywood

In today’s society, technology can be used in negative ways (hacking, p*rnography, viruses, etc.). CCA Hollywood’s Technology Club is an after-school club that was established during the 2022–23 school year to help 8th–12th grade students learn how to use technology safely and for God’s glory.

“My belief is that technology is a gift from God and can be used as a tool to further His purpose in many various ways. I believe this is the case with the latest advancements in technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI),” said Jerome Tracey, the club’s faculty advisor.

Reginald Andre – a CCAH parent and club advisor – is the president of the cybersecurity and IT company ARK Solvers. He volunteers on a weekly basis to teach students how technology can lead to various professions and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Students like Corey Allen, 10th grade, have gained practical, employability skills through Technology Club. “Tech Club has helped me with problem-solving. Sometimes we were faced with problems while trying to make our code work, and we methodically worked through them and found either a workaround or the solution itself,” he said.

Culturally Together In Christ

Culture Club | CCA North Miami

This quarter, CCA North Miami founded the Culture Club for kindergarten through fifth grade students. This fee-based club convenes Mondays and Thursdays after school.

While in the Culture Club, students learn more about their unique identity in Christ while developing a greater appreciation for different cultures through hands-on activities. They also learn how to honor one another and demonstrate God’s love despite their cultural differences.

“One day I was listening to a disagreement between two students about cultural differences, and sitting there listening to them hurt my heart. Knowing how much time and effort God put into us and our cultures individually, I wanted to shine the light on the fact that we are all different, but we are so much alike. I wanted to expand on that and that is why I started Culture Club,” said club founder, Mrs. Amanda Myers.

CCA North Miami parents like Kerline St. Preux have seen the value of this kind of enrichment activity in their children’s lives. “Establishing a Culture Club is so vital to our community because we come from different backgrounds and cultures. This is the perfect place to experience these cultures from a biblical standpoint. It is my prayer that this Club will continue to grow over the years,” she said.

School clubs are a great way to enhance a student’s spiritual, academic, and social growth. They foster creativity and fun while instilling a sense of responsibility. Clubs are not a waste of time; they give students tools and knowledge they can use for the rest of their lives.

If you are a CCA parent interested in learning more about the school clubs available to your child(ren), connect with an administrator on your respective campus.

Madison Manuel is a 12th grade student who has attended CCA’s Fort Lauderdale campus since 6th grade. Madison has been involved in CCA’s cheer program since her freshman year and is currently a varsity cheerleader. She is a student intern for CCA’s Communication Team. She enjoys writing and spending time with her peers. Her future career goal is to become a communications specialist. After graduation, she will attend Hampton University in Hampton Virginia, to major in Strategic Communications and minor in Journalism.
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