Students Making a Difference: CCA Shoe Drive

On a mission trip to Mexico in 2013, a Calvary Christian Academy junior noticed something about the local children; many of them didn’t have shoes. After spending much of his time connecting and playing with them, he knew he couldn’t return home without trying to help — but how?

While flying home he challenged his Lacrosse teammates to help collect enough pairs of shoes for the children they met. He had no idea how far it would go. In a fairly short period of time they were able to collect well over 100 pairs in time for a missionary to bring back to Mexico. It didn’t stop there – since that trip, thousands of children have been blessed with reliable shoes.
“Providing shoes for them is a way for us to show Jesus’ love.”

The idea spread quickly across the Calvary Christian Academy campus in the years following, and now, the National Honor Society organizes an annual school-wide shoe drive that continues to grow. Savannah, a senior and NHS Chair Member shared, “When I went to Mexico last year, I went to the city of Tabi, a very poor area. There was nothing, it was a like shanty town. As soon as we pulled up to the churches, there were tons of barefoot kids greeting us. I know if I didn’t have shoes on, I would have cut my feet open. Providing shoes for them is a way for us to show Jesus’ love.”

The shoe drive has not only been a yearly blessing to children in Mexico, but has become an opportunity for Calvary Christian Academy high school students to build relationships with local families. National Honor Society students tutor and mentor younger children at Innovation Charter School, and when they saw a need, they quickly added the local school to their shoe drive initiative. “Teachers shared with us how they noticed students walking down the halls in shoes that don’t fit. We’re able to bless these families,” said Jackson, a 12th grade NHS Chair Member.

In just 10 days, over 300 pairs of shoes were collected, and many more are on their way. This one idea to be generous is meeting real needs locally and internationally, and continues a legacy of Christ’s love on display.

What ideas will you share?
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