6 Apps to Makes Chores Fun

Jan Lashbrook
Looking for a fun way to help your child accomplish their chores? These apps can help!

Arranging small jobs for your children to do around the house is a great way to teach them about responsibility, work ethic, and how our actions have outcomes. As parents, it can be a struggle to keep our kids on track with their chores, especially in those moments where it seems easier to just do it ourselves! There are a variety of apps (and some are even free!) that can motivate your child in fun and engaging ways to complete daily and weekly chores.
Here are a few to get you started:

  • Chore Monster – (Free, iOS/Android)
    Chore Monster turns chores into a game! Kids can earn points with each task they complete and win virtual prizes at the “Monster Carnival.”

  • Chore Pad – ($4.99, iOS)
    An attractive and fairly straight-forward app, parents can use Chore Pad to create weekly or daily chore charts for their kids to follow. As your child completes tasks, they can check it off their list to receive stars. You can create a positive reinforcement system of your own by rewarding them for reaching a certain number of stars. 

  • Home Routines – (Free, iOS)
    This app is a bit more organized than some of the others. Parents create tasks by forming “routines” that are designated for different times of the day. A built-in timer may help keep your child on track as they race to beat the clock.

  • You Rule Chores – ($3.99, iOS)

    This app makes chores feel more like a game than a job. Parental controls enable parents to manage the fun behind the scenes. As kids perform tasks they “level-up.”

  • Lickety Split – ($0.99, iOS/Android)
    A little whistling-while-you-work can go a long way! Lickety Split provides a musical timer for your children to listen to while they accomplish chores. The app includes built-in timers for a list of specific tasks. Kids get to choose the song!

  • iRewardChart – (Free, iOS/Android)
    Winner of the “Best Parenting App” for three consecutive years, iReward Chart pairs a customizable, interactive interface with an easy reward system. As children earn stars they can choose from a list of default rewards or you can set up custom rewards, tailored to each child.

When it comes to chores, it’s important to create consistency. Positive reinforcements can be powerful tools if parents establish consistent reward systems and routines! As Mary Poppins said, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”


Jan Lashbrook is the Early Childhood Director at Calvary Christian Academy. She and her husband are “ empty-nesters,” having raised three children who are all grown and married. Their youngest attended CCA for 12 years, graduating in 2016.
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