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Providing international students with a friendly and loving environment.

We believe that having a friendly and loving environment to come home to is key to why students love CCA’s International Student Program. All of our Homestay families are either school or church staff, or local church congregants. They are interviewed and background checked, and their homes are visited for readiness to receive students.

More importantly, our parents want to nurture and guide your students toward God’s best for their lives. Their heart is to provide the best possible home experience for your student by caring for their needs, as parents would, and by authentically living out the love of Jesus in the home. Each student is provided with room/board, meals and transportation to and from school, church and extracurricular activities. The student becomes a part of the host family.

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Homestay Testimonies

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  • Naomi Peyton 

Your spare room can become an opportunity to dramatically impact the life of an international student! CCA and our homestays are co-laboring to make disciples from all over the globe!

Contact Naomi to schedule an appointment.

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