Calvary Athletics: More Than Competition

By: Alyssa Mendez
Discover how God has used athletic spaces on CCA’s campus as tools to draw countless lives and souls closer to His Kingdom.

What a blessing it is to be able to resume the annual tradition that is CCA’s varsity football homecoming game and celebrate this milestone together as a school community!

As we stomp our cheering feet on the grandstands and root for our family members and friends who are representing Calvary Christian Academy on the field, know that this athletic space was designed to be more than just a place of competition. We will be gathering in a place of eternal value.

Because athletic spaces like these exist on our campus, countless lives and souls have been impacted for the Kingdom of God — those of CCA student-athletes, coaches, visiting teams and their families, and even individuals in the greater South Florida community.

Come see for yourself!

On the lacrosse field, Majory Stoneman Douglas’ boys team found a safe place to practice and clear their minds right after tragedy struck their school in 2018. CCA coaches and players partnered with the Publix at Palm Aire to donate subs and beverages to bless these players after their practice.
“There is eternal significance with these kinds of moments of hospitality. Hospitality opens the door for relationships to form and conservations to be had — conversations that can have eternal significance.” -Adam Bond (CCA Varsity Lacrosse Coach & Middle School Bible Teacher)
On the track, Kennedy Sauder, a CCA Class of 2021 alumnus and state champion in the high jump, asked a student from another school if he had a relationship with Christ. Because of Kennedy’s bold faith, that student ended up attending Calvary’s HSM youth group.

In the weight room, CCA Swimming & Diving Coach Ginger Poulos has seen 9th graders who could barely lift the bar go from feeling they are not good enough to suddenly believing in the abilities God has given them.

On the volleyball court, regardless of whether our Lady Eagles won or lost, they would invite the visiting team to pray with them at the end of the game, after the net had been taken down.

On the football field, 45 of the best High School players in South Florida gave their lives to Christ as part of a special program CCA’s Coach Kirk Hoza led. One of those players was Lamar Jackson, current quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens.
“When the world waited for him to deliver his Heisman Trophy acceptance speech, he paused and said, ‘Before I begin, I want to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.’” -Kirk Hoza, CCA’s Head Football Coach and Assistant Athletic Director
On the soccer field, a Middle School player who was frustrated with his performance during a game received words of life and encouragement from his coach who believed in him — words that not only moved him to tears, but also impacted the way he played on the field and related to his teammates.

These are just some of the many inspiring testimonies of how the Lord has used athletic buildings and spaces as vessels to draw young people closer to Him — not just here at CCA, but on a global scale as well.

As our student-athletes continue to be challenged to lead the way with excellence and humility, we invite you to pray that as they grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ, they would share the gift of the Gospel with those in their sphere of influence.

“Therefore go and make disciples . . .” -Matthew 28:19
In the new Calvary Fieldhouse, this Great Commission will be lived out among students and staff. Just imagine all the glory stories that have yet to be written in this space. As we dream and pray about the future, together, with the Lord’s guidance and blessing, we can BUILD it! The journey of legacy and generosity He has presented before us is a journey for all.

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